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Dell SAP HANA Services

In a highly competitive climate, immediate analysis of operational data ultimately determines the success of your organization

To respond quickly to changing market conditions — a key factor for the success of any organization — you will need real-time insight into your business operations, something most traditional disk-based systems simply cannot provide. SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) is next-generation SAP® in-memory computing technology that can help you get immediate access to all the data you need.

SAP HANA is a multipurpose, data source-agnostic, in-memory appliance that combines SAP software optimized on established Dell hardware and delivered by Dell Global Services. SAP HANA provides you with:
  • Real-time decision making — brings all your enterprise data to decision makers in seconds, in an easy-to-understand format
  • Innovative new applications — combines high-volume transactions with analytics to dramatically improve existing planning, forecasting, pricing optimization and other processes
  • High-performance analytics — provides data directly from SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other data sources for real-time analytics and business insights
With a combination of SAP HANA with Dell’s technology platform and implementation services using Dell In-Memory Computing and Analytic Methodology (DIMCAM), Dell can help you get the most out of your SAP HANA investment. DIMCAM compliments SAP and utilizes our experience and best practices to help ensure that your SAP HANA implementations deliver quick results and are optimized for performance, efficiency and low total cost of ownership. We offer a comprehensive set of services for SAP HANA including:
  • Workshops to understand the complex needs of the organization
  • Assessments to scope and design a solution in a collaborative work session
  • Implementation services to create solutions that handle large amounts of data
  • Application management services to provide an ongoing monitoring, management and support structure for your SAP HANA solution
  • Database replication services that ensure access to critical data in a secondary environment and help recovery in case of an unforeseen event at primary location

Benefits of Dell SAP HANA Services include:

  • Proven methodology and recommended practices that follow SAP guidelines
  • Seamless implementation services achieved through collaborative Dell and SAP engagement
  • Access to the global Centers of Excellence (COE) for value-added services, analytics factory and so on
  • SAP HANA end-to-end solutions that will help reduce IT costs