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A comprehensive email archive solution
When it comes to email archiving, your IT department faces a complex set of expectations and demands from regulators, users and compliance officers. Retention policies are lengthening, complex searches must happen in a heartbeat and the flood of email data to be stored mounts daily. Piecemeal solutions address some of these problems, but they result in complicated, expensive and difficult to maintain systems that leave many archiving problems unsolved.

It’s time for a smarter approach.

Solve your email archiving challenges with Dell™ EMS Email Archive. This low-maintenance, on-demand solution is designed to help you:
  • Centrally manage retention policies and legal holds
  • Search more than 500 million emails in seconds
  • Reduce data stores by as much as 80 percent
  • Intelligently import legacy archives and .pst files
  • Start with any number of mailboxes and add as needed
Contact us today to learn more about cloud-based archiving. We also offer an on-premise archiving solution. 
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EMS Email Archive Overview

  • Cloud Service Close-up: Email Archiving

    Cloud Service Close-up: Email Archiving

    IT organizations must track billions of messages, know where they are, ensure they are secure, delete them on schedule and produce them as required.

  • How It Works: EMS Email Archive

    How It Works: EMS Email Archive

    Get a handle on your email retention and deletion policies, legal holds, compliance, storage management, and searches.

  • FAQs: EMS Email Archive

    FAQs: EMS Email Archive

    Changes in law and best practices are raising a lot of questions about email archiving. Find answers to some of the most common questions here.

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