• Develop, deploy and manage hardware-independent custom images, vastly reducing the number of images you have to manage
  • Work with a Dell engineer who will develop and validate your image to ensure it functions properly and is regularly updated
  • Easily deploy image to the factory for installation during system build
  • Shorten transition time to new models and free up IT resources

X-Image Data Sheet

Get a single image for all of your hardware

For IT departments, success comes at a price: the increased time and money required to manage all the images for new and legacy systems. That job alone could require an entire team.

With the X-Image service from Dell, you can consolidate your images to reduce the time and money you spend on image management and free up your IT resources to spend more on the activities that matter most to your business. Working with X-Image and a Dell Image Management Service (IMS) engineer, you’ll be able to create a single image that works across all your new and legacy OptiPlex, Latitude, and Dell Precision systems, as well as across systems from other vendors. We can also maintain the image and deploy it on additional Dell purchases.

With Dell X-Image, you get:

  • A single image that works across multiple platforms — Dell and non-Dell 
  • Quarterly maintenance for driver and platform updates 
  • The ability to easily maintain image updates 
  • Software image preinstallation on Dell products in the factory 
  • Image recovery tools for quick resolution of support issues 
  • A Dell IMS engineer as a single point of contact for all your image management 
  • On-site support from a dedicated IMS engineer, if needed

To learn more about consolidating images, please contact your Dell representative.