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Managed Deployment

Minimize deployment-related downtime

When you’re ready to deploy new laptops and desktops, and replace obsolete equipment, you want to do it quickly. Your end users need to keep working without interruption, and your IT team members need to minimize desk visits and data migration problems.

Working with our specialists, you’ll have access to comprehensive planning and project management services to make sure your deployment goes smoothly — so you and your staff can stay productive. 

With Dell Managed Deployment, you will receive all Laptop and Desktop Installation benefits, plus an expanded scope of services designed to simplify the entire deployment process from start to finish.
  • Project management: We can provide project and program management for end-to-end deployment services so your end users can get up and running as soon as possible. We can execute, with exceptional speed and minimal disruption, the many tedious deployment tasks that can overwhelm your IT staff.
  • Reliable and consistent data migration: We enables transfer of data, images, applications and account settings at the user’s desk. We can migrate the data at a binary level, cable-to-cable so technicians never see user passwords. This approach also ensures user data and settings are migrated correctly.

If you need less than a fully managed deployment, but more than a simple installation, please ask about our Standard Managed Deployment. We can provide a fixed-scope installation that includes project coordination, with a la carte options for data migration, asset tagging, and attended image and application loading.

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