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Security Services

we can help get your home or small business up and running in no time
Data transfer and backup
Move your important business-related files and data to your new computer. Whether it is important business files or payroll documents, the last thing you want to do is lose them. We know what it takes to create secure data file backups and transfer them to your new PC to ensure your information is safe.

Report a stolen or lost system
Your system is lost or stolen? Be sure to report the theft to the police. Please inform us afterwards providing us with the police report and proof of ownership. We will organize the necessary coordination with the police/ public prosecutor's office, insurance and yourself as well as replacement or diagnosis, and repair after the system is found. 

Security check

Help prevent viruses from taking over. We'll help to check and install your security software.

Virus removal
Tired of popup windows opening themselves, slow startup speed, crashes and other errant behaviour? Viruses make PCs slow and do things we can't control. Let us help you regain control of your computer.