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Hardware and Software Support

Hardware & software support

Commercial software assistance

The newly installed application does things you did not really expect or doesn't do things you want it to do? You need to adjust the software and need help and advice? Take us at our word: if, in an exceptional case, we can't resolve the issue, you won't have to pay a cent.

Dell phone-based support contracts
Provides comprehensive expert assistance for your most common technology issues and questions. We will help you with your PC and a wide range of technology (wireless, printers) and software products — 3 months, 2 incidents: £59 inc. VAT/6 months, 3 incidents: £99 inc. VAT/12 months, 4 incidents: £119 inc. VAT.

On-site diagnosis
You are not sure about the failure and want a specialist to do the troubleshooting steps on site? No problem ! On the next business day, a qualified Diagnostics Technician will visit you and handle problem identification, and together agree with you about the next steps.

PC and network health check
Without regular maintenance, computers begin to accumulate errors that cause slowdowns, crashes and even potential system failure. System Mechanic™ helps keep your computer running like new. It can fix errors, boost performance, help eliminate crashes and prevent problems from reoccurring.

Service upgrades — Single incident
You have got a valid service contract but need a faster repair than covered? The notebook or the PC has a Collect and Return coverage but is essential for your business? Purchase a Single Incident Next Business Day Repair and pay only for the difference between the service costs.

Software troubleshoot
Is your computer crashing for no apparent reason or popping up random error messages? Let our computer experts help you troubleshoot and fix software, internet connectivity or other computer problems quickly.

Special case assistance
You need to overcome a period of time with out-of-warranty systems until your installed base is renewed? With an Out-Of-Warranty Contract, you have a direct overview about the expected repair costs and outage time. We can even agree together a repair cost level below which a fix can be started without your direct involvement. With this, you speed up repair times by up to 2 days.

Warranty renewal and extension
The Legal Warranty or the Service Contract have expired or are close to the end date? Buy a Warranty Extension or Warranty Reinstatement for a great price.