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Special & out-of-warranty services

Special and Out of Warranty

Customer-held stocks

Need more than a single spare part? You want to store repair parts in your company? No problem at all: our specialists assist you to identify your needs compared to your installed base. At the end, you will have a tailored spare parts concept. And, you have a dedicated contact person in the Solution Station who will take care of your needs.

Expendable items
Expendable items can be bought in different ways: directly in Dell Store but also with our toll-free support. Our agent identifies together with you the part(s) and you can purchase directly on the phone.

Water spillage, overvoltage or customer-induced damage
Accidents happen! The coffee cup falls onto the keyboard, a heavy shower hits the notebook. In these cases — like in water spillage and overvoltage damage — if Dell is not able to repair the system free of charge, our agents will be glad to guide you through the process of diagnostic and repair in one of our workshops.

Windows upgrade
Whether you want to upgrade to the newest Windows® OS or your current one is on the fritz, we can help you install or reinstall your OS and configure your computer so it runs like the day you took it out of the box.

Out-Of-Warranty Support
Your system is not working and not covered by a service contract? Talk to one of our "Out-Of-Warranty" specialists and benefit from a number of fast and easy repair options. For only 30 Euro Diagnostic Fee, we can identify the fault, and other hidden faults that may exist. We guarantee a Break-Fix with only Dell-certified spare parts. Contact us directly on 0844 338 1200.

Spare parts
Pure spare parts are usually cheaper than a chargeable repair and beneficial to cover most common computer problems: system memory, CD/DVD drives and hard discs. The lead time for a spare part is around 7-10 days. That means in cases of current failures an Out-Of-Warranty repair is probably the best choice. Contact us directly on 0844 338 1200.