• Understand potential issues before migration 
  • Resolve software compatibility issues 
  • Analyze compatibility against a target OS

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Proactively manage application compatibility issues

When migrating to a new operating system (OS), one of the greatest challenges companies face is understanding if their applications will be compatible with Windows 8. Knowing which applications will have issues, and whether they can or cannot be remediated, is critical to a successful migration to Windows 8.

With the comprehensive Application Compatibility and Remediation services available through Dell, you can help overcome the common problems found during OS migration and deployment projects. Through a detailed analysis of your application portfolio that includes extensive testing and investigation, you’ll be able to determine the Windows compatibility of each application in your portfolio.

Choose one or both of the following services:

  • Application Compatibility Testing and Reporting: Determine your application portfolio’s compatibility characteristics against a target OS through a process of detailed testing and analysis.
  • Application Remediation: Resolve compatibility issues between software applications and Microsoft® Windows found during the ACR process. You can have this service performed on an existing MSI portfolio or integrated into Dell’s standard MSI packaging process.
By effectively analyzing application compatibility, you’ll be better able to budget for migration projects, enhance application stability and reliability, reduce help-desk calls and deploy your systems more quickly and efficiently.

For more information on any of these service offerings, visit www.dell.com/services or contact your Dell representative.