Over the last five years, Dell has established itself as a key player in the Internet SCSI (iSCSI) storage market by emphasizing innovation and building a solid storage solution strategy around the iSCSI storage area network (SAN). Dell’s acquisition of EqualLogic and Compellent along with their PowerVault™ MD 32/36 series of arrays demonstrated to the industry its commitment to iSCSI integration in the Dell™ storage portfolio.

One of the goals of integrating iSCSI into Dell storage products has not only been to provide the customer with the latest technology for their storage SAN, but to also provide a complete solution where iSCSI is seamlessly integrated into their environment. Delivering this seamless iSCSI solution is an important part of Dell’s devotion to providing the customer with every tool available to implement, manage and maintain their iSCSI SAN.

The introduction of 10Gb iSCSI has driven new product launches for the PowerVault, EqualLogic and Compellent primary array product lines. Today, the Dell PowerVault TL2000 and TL4000 tape products support 1Gb iSCSI through an integrated bridge card. However, it was essential to provide an end-to-end 10Gb iSCSI solution and further integrate iSCSI into the rest of the PowerVault tape portfolio. This portfolio includes the Dell PowerVault TL2000, TL4000 and ML6000.