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Data Management and Big Data

Converting your big data muddle into a managed resource

Healthcare data is growing at an explosive rate, challenging your traditional approach to data management and storage and increasing the need for data analytics. Your simultaneous migration from paper to digital records only adds to the complexity, at a time when your organisation needs to run lean to meet budget constraints.

Many of today’s healthcare IT administrators find themselves struggling to solve these data challenges:
  • Silos prevent fast access to vital information.
  • Migration, backup and disaster recovery are complex and time-consuming.
  • Deployment of additional storage systems increases capital expenditures and the IT administrative burden.
  • Traditional file systems have limited scalability.
  • Data centres and server rooms have limited physical space for expansion.

How can you overcome these challenges and better understand and manage the relationship between patients, health outcomes and healthcare systems? Our flexible, modular approach to data storage, integration, management and analytics can help, providing an end-to-end solution of products, pre-built technical architectures, use cases and consulting services that help you store, mine and usefully integrate big data into your organisation.
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