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Digital Care Records

Centralising patient records for more efficient care

Merging legacy paper-based patient records with new digital records can be a significant obstacle to providing quality care. Having records spread across disparate systems can cause not only dangerous delays for your clinicians as they make care decisions, but also costly duplications of diagnostics and delays in discharges.

How can you centralise patient records for easy access, yet still satisfy information governance and reporting requirements such as audit and access trails? Our end-to-end digital care records solution is a vendor-neutral archive that integrates with leading healthcare applications, consolidating record archives and creating departmental interoperability by bringing together these key features:
  • Clinical transformation services
  • Document digitisation
  • Tiered storage
  • Application modernisation
  • Secure information delivery for end-user devices
  • On-premise storage with a hosted-, private- or hybrid-cloud approach
Ideal for the NHS, private hospitals and community partnerships, our standards-based, patient-centric digital care records solution creates collaboration among clinicians, operations and finance, and information management and technology (IM&T) departments.

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