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Digital Business Services

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  1. Transform the customer experience with Dell Digital Business Services

    Transform the customer experience with Dell Digital Business Services.Click here to view our Infographic

  2. Big Data Business Intelligence Consulting

    Take full advantage of the power of data to improve decision making and gain critical insights with our Big Data Business Intelligence Consulting services. This data sheet provides an overview of the service and benefits.

  3. Customer journey map at the heart of digital transformation

    Digital transformation is about taking a comprehensive approach. Customer journey map is a one such methodology that helps you capture the digital touch points for taking a comprehensive approach. Learn more in this paper from Dell Digital Business Services and Wharton

  4. Dell Windows 8 Mobile Application Services - Brochure

    Helping you build Windows 8 apps for your enterprise.

  5. Dell Cloud Application Integration Services

    The cloud can simplify the integration of your diverse applications. This data sheet provides an overview on application integration and how it works for you.

  6. Social Media Services Workshop

    27 Feb 2015

    Regardless of the stage you are in with your social media efforts, knowing where to begin or what to consider can be daunting. Dell has years of social media experience and can remove the guesswork, helping to advance your overall understanding and participation of social media practices, This brochure shows how our media workshops guide you through the complex and ever-changing social media environment.

  7. Advanced Analytics & Big Data Adoption Report

    15 Dec 2014

    Advanced analytics is increasingly being adopted by both mid-market organizations and large enterprises to gain a competitive advantage in their markets. This report, authored by the International Institute of Analytics and commissioned by Dell, discusses how organizations are moving away from standard reporting and using predictive and prescriptive analytics.

  8. Dell Cloud on Demand with Microsoft Azure

    23 Oct 2013

    Reduce costs and deliver innovation by leveraging Microsoft’s Azure platform to build and run any application in the cloud.

  9. Dell Application Migration to the Cloud Datasheet

    23 Sep 2013

    Reduce time to market and go live quickly with our services for application migration to the cloud.

  10. Dell Cloud Application Strategy Workshop Datasheet

    23 Sep 2013

    Wherever you are on your cloud journey, we can implement the right cloud solution to help you meet your business goals.