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  1. Cloud Computing

    Create your own private cloud with virtualized storage and efficiently manage fluctuating infrastructure demands. Our solutions enable you to quickly deploy and optimize private clouds that lower costs and increase agility.

  2. Mission-Critical Application Virtualization

    Ensure continuity and uptime of your most important business tools with mission-critical application virtualization. We can help you optimize application performance, achieve service-level agreements and reliably protect critical operations.

  3. Server Consolidation

    Overcome the complexity and cost of disparate data growth and access with virtualized storage consolidation. End to end, our solutions help you achieve greater capacity, efficiency and flexibility, as well as lower your storage footprint and costs.

  4. Virtual Desktops

    Avoid the typical I/O bottlenecks often associated with virtual desktop implementations. Dell virtualized storage is essential to successful virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments and continually enhances user VDI experience.