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Adobe Volume Software Licensing Program

Adobe Licensing Program Comparison Chart

To learn more about volume licensing or to place an order, contact your Dell software sales representative.

Adobe® Software Transactional License
Program (TLP)
Cumulative License Program (CLP)Adobe Enterprise Agreement (EA) 2Value Incentive Plan (VIP)Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA) — EDU ONLY
Program type?Volume discount based on a single transactionMembership-based program that allows accrual of significant volume discounts over the membership termMembership-based program with significant volume discounts and true up at the end of every yearSubscription based with no minimum entrance requirementTerm-based licensing program with significant discounts for education institutions
Organizations served? Small to midsize organizationsMidsize to large organizationsMidsize to large organizations Small, midsize and large organizationsK-12 Schools & Districts, Higher Education Institutions
Key benefits? Reduced software costs and simplified administrationDiscount level based on initial purchase; further discounts based on cumulative orders over 2-year membership; extra discounts for high-volume purchasesDiscount level based on initial purchase. Pricing locked for 3-year termLower up-front costs for organizations looking to avoid 2- and 3-year contracts and have access to the most current version as they become availableAccess to industry-leading creative tools, streamlined purchasing and order management, improved budget planning, compliance and version control and flexible deployment
Signed contract required? NoOnline enrollmentOnline enrollmentNoOnline enrollment
Term? None2-year membership3-year membership1 year1 or 2 year term paid up front
Forecasting required? NoNoNoNoYes
Minimum purchase requirement? NoYesYes — 100 license minimumNoYes — K12 (20) per FTE; HiEd (1) per install
Minimum reorder? NoNoMaintenance and support renewal every yearMust renew subscription annually on VIP anniversaryNo
Upgrade protection?

Optional for educational and government customers only

Technical support? Optional; only installation/defect support included automaticallyOptional; only installation/defect support included automaticallyRequiredOptionalOptional and not part of EEA
Media? Free Electronic Software Download (ESD); physical media purchased separatelyFree Electronic Software Download (ESD); physical media purchased separately
Free Electronic Software Download (ESD); physical media purchased separatelyFree electronic software downloadTBD