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Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program

Designed for Medium to Large Organizations With Higher Volume Needs

Adobe® Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) helps cut costs by simplifying software ordering and administration with a single membership that works worldwide — ensuring your organization will get the right discount level regardless of location or order quantity.

CLP offers a 2-year membership term to deliver maximum return on your software investments. For any eligible order of a new, or an upgraded Adobe software license or an Adobe Upgrade Plan, you get points. To begin membership, you must place an initial order that meets the minimum CLP threshold. Products may be mixed to meet this minimum.

For even greater savings, CLP offers high volume discounts when you order Acrobat in large quantities. Acrobat std and pro cannot be matched to meet minimum requirement.

Available worldwide, CLP covers most Adobe desktop products and there are no additional purchase requirements beyond the initial order minimum.

When you order Adobe products under CLP, you get an easy-to-use website that simplifies software administration and record keeping with a single, customized location for up-to-date licensing information on all your Adobe software.

Discount Levels

The CLP discount structure is shown below. Contact your Dell account manager to determine points for your order.

Point Requirement
Level 110,00010,0005,000
Level 2100,000300,00050,000
Level 3300,000N/A100,000
Level 41,000,000 N/AN/A

Organizations with affiliates

If your organization has affiliates or subsidiaries, Adobe offers two ways to enable affiliate participation in the parent organization's CLP:

  • The parent organization may provide information on the affiliate and place orders on its behalf.
  • The affiliate may complete an Affiliate Enrollment Form, entitling it to order and manage Adobe licenses while earning CLP points for the parent company.

The CLP member organization must determine the best participation option for the overall organization and instruct affiliates accordingly.

Organizations with students

The CLP Student Licensing Option allows higher education institutions in the United States and Canada to buy licenses on selected Adobe software for redistribution or resale to students.

Upgrade plan

The Adobe Upgrade Plan gives you more peace of mind. For a single-cost-per-licensed product, the upgrade plan gives you access to any and all upgrades of that product during the term of the plan. Talk to your Dell account manager for details.