With the introduction of Dell™ Management Console powered by Altiris™ from Symantec™, we are doing for systems management what we did for computer hardware — taking a complex, proprietary industry technology and transforming it by delivering a simple, streamlined and modular solution best adapted to your specific management needs.

The following describes the benefits of using Dell Management Console compared to other products: 

  • Flexible versus forced — Proprietary management frameworks benefit the vendor, not the customer. At Dell, we have developed a flexible framework that allows our customers to use, and even extend, their existing investments.
  • Seamless versus stitched together — Building management solutions through acquisition leaves integration to the customer. Dell’s approach provides a free, modular platform to provide basic hardware management that has the ability to extend to more advanced functionality with snap-in modules.
  • Comprehensive versus overkill — A lot of systems management products drown their users in unnecessary data, making troubleshooting difficult and preventing promised automation benefits. Dell Management Console provides the information you need to do your job more effectively and can be customized to your unique specifications.

To register and download Dell Management Console, go to http://www.dell.com/openmanage/register

Dell OpenManage Webcasts

Interested in learning more? Attend one of our regular webcasts. These sessions include an overview of the Dell OpenManage™ suite of management products, a Dell Management Console demonstration and a short question-and-answer period. Register at http://www.dellevents.com/DellOpenManageDemonstration