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PowerConnect W Series Access Points and Controllers
Extending the enterprise network beyond the data center, and into distributed enterprise and branch environments with full 802.11abgn support for APs and centralized management controllers, which reduce configuration setup and deployment.
PowerConnect W Series Access Points
Securely extending the wired network to wireless clients across the enterprise.
PowerConnect W AP105 Switch PowerConnect W AP125 Switch Powerconnect W Iap134 networking switches PowerConnect W AP 175 Switch
PowerConnect W-AP104/105 PowerConnect W-AP120 PowerConnect W-AP134/135 PowerConnect W-AP175
PowerConnect W AP 68 Switch PowerConnect W AP93 Switch powerconnect w ap934h  
PowerConnect W-AP68  PowerConnect W-AP92/93 PowerConnect W-AP93H  

PowerConnect W Series Controllers
Wireless networking access for large enterprise to small office and branch deployments with extensive network mobility, security and remote networking requirements.
PowerConnect W-3200 Controller PowerConnect W-3400 Controller PowerConnect W-3600 Controller PowerConnect-W-6000-Controller
PowerConnect W-3200 PowerConnect W-3400   PowerConnect W-3600 PowerConnect W-6000
PowerConnect W-620 Small Business and Branch Office Controller PowerConnect W-650 and W-651 Small Business and Branch Office Controllers    
PowerConnect W-620 PowerConnect W-650 and W-651    

PowerConnect W Series Instant Access Points
Small and midsize businesses seeking enterprise-class WiFi performance that is simple and affordable to implement.
Powerconnect W Iap105 networking switches PowerConnect W AP93 Switch W-IAP124/125 Powerconnect W Iap135 networking switches
PowerConnect W-IAP104/105 PowerConnect W-IAP92/93 PowerConnect W-IAP124/125 PowerConnect W-IAP134/135
PowerConnect W-IAP3WN