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Shared Infrastructure
Integrated servers, storage and networking in a compact chassis optimized for office environments.
PowerEdge VRTX Server   
PowerEdge VRTX   

Rack Servers
Great for businesses with multiple servers or limited square footage or storage space.
PowerEdge R210 II Rack Serverpoweredge r320 serverPowerEdge R420 Rack ServerPowerEdge R415 Server 

PowerEdge R210 II

PowerEdge R320PowerEdge R420PowerEdge R415
PowerEdge R520 Rack ServerPowerEdge R515 ServerPowerEdge R620 Rack ServerPowerEdge R720xd Rack Server 
PowerEdge R520PowerEdge R515PowerEdge R620PowerEdge R720
PowerEdge R720xd Rack ServerDell PowerEdge R715 ServerPowerEdge R820 Rack ServerPowerEdge R815 Server
PowerEdge 720xdPowerEdge R715PowerEdge R820PowerEdge R815
server poweredge r920PowerEdge R910 Server   
PowerEdge R920PowerEdge R910  

Blade Solutions
Great for high-density computing, featuring the latest high-performance technologies.
PowerEdge M420 Blade Server - DetailPowerEdge M520 Blade Server - HDDPowerEdge M620 Blade Server PowerEdge M820 Blade Server 
PowerEdge M420PowerEdge M520PowerEdge M620PowerEdge M820
PowerEdge M910 Server PowerEdge M915 Blade Server PowerEdge M1000e Blade Server 
PowerEdge M910PowerEdge M915PowerEdge M1000e 

Tower Servers
Great for businesses that require value, flexibility and a range of performance options.
PowerEdge T20 Tower ServerPowerEdge T110 II Tower Serverpoweredge t320 server 
PowerEdge T20PowerEdge T110 IIPowerEdge T320
poweredge t420 serverPowerEdge T620 Tower Server  
PowerEdge T420PowerEdge T620  

PowerEdge C Series
Great for businesses that need hyperscale-inspired performance and efficiency.
PowerEdge C410X ServerPowerEdge C5000 Rack ServerPowerEdge C5220 Rack Server PowerEdge C6105 Server 
PowerEdge C410xPowerEdge C5000PowerEdge C5220PowerEdge C6105
 PowerEdge C6145 Rack ServerPowerEdge C6220 Rack ServerPowerEdge C6220 Rack ServerPowerEdge C-Series C8000 Cloud Server Chassis with PowerEdge C-Series Sled Family
PowerEdge C6145PowerEdge C6220PowerEdge C6220 IIPowerEdge C8000
PowerEdge C-Series C8000XD  Double-Wide Storage Sled  PowerEdge C-Series C8220 Single-Wide Compute SledPowerEdge C-Series C8220X Double-Wide Compute Sled 
PowerEdge C8000XDPowerEdge C8220PowerEdge C8220X