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  • Duncanville ISD deploys Dell Latitude 10 essentials configuration to bring digital learning into the hands of its students
  • Dell’s Windows 8 tablet chosen for its capability of handling multiple school applications, long battery life and manageability
  • Students and teachers gain interactive and personalized learning tool with Dell Latitude 10 essentials configuration



Dell announced today that Duncanville Independent School District in Texas has selected Dell’s Latitude 10 essentials configuration for its digital learning initiative. The school district will provide classrooms in third through eighth grade with the tablet running Windows 8 to activate them as e-readers, access school applications and the internet helping to increase interactivity and learning engagement. With the tablets integrated into a cutting-edge curriculum, Duncanville ISD will better provide their students a personalized learning experience.

The Dell Latitude 10 essentials configuration gives students and teachers an immersive, two-way learning experience. Duncanville ISD had already invested in Microsoft’s Windows Office Suite and now with Windows 8 on the tablets the students and teachers will continue to utilize Windows productivity software to build digital literacy as well as develop next generation skills such as video production, online collaboration and social media.

“The Dell Latitude 10 essentials configuration is a win-win solution for our district,” says Dr. Larry McHaney, Deputy Superintendent for Learning Services at Duncanville ISD. “Most important, Dell’s tablet helps our students and teachers get way beyond the printed pages of a textbook to meaningfully engage in learning while also providing an efficient solution for our technology division.”

The Latitude 10 essentials configuration proved to be as beneficial for the district to deploy as it is for students in the classroom. “The fact that the tablet’s Windows 8 OS reduces headache for our IT department to manage and deploy the tablets made the Dell Latitude 10 an easy choice over the iPad,” says Vicki Smith, Director of Technology for Duncanville ISD.

In their search for the optimal device, Duncanville ISD teams began testing several tablets including Apple’s iPad. Having already invested in software and infrastructure compatible with Windows, the Apple devices proved challenging for the district to manage and deploy in their existing ecosystem. The Dell Latitude 10 essentials configuration offered students a dynamic, multi-touch experience for interactive learning and the Windows 8 operating system simplified the deployment and management of tablets for the district. With the Windows 8 snap feature, students can take notes in Microsoft Word or OneNote while simultaneously reading an e-book or watching an instructive video empowering students to create content as readily as they consume it.

Preferred by educators, the Dell Latitude 10 is steadily deployed by schools around the world because of its affordability, accessibility, manageability and personalized learning features. Windows 8 is Microsoft's new operating system helping schools modernize by providing tools for better creation, consumption and collaboration to meet new education standards and the move to digital learning. According to a Harris Interactive online survey commissioned by Dell and Intel, 59 percent of school system IT decision makers and administrators say choosing devices that integrate with their existing IT infrastructure and that can be managed by existing tools is the best way to minimize total cost of ownership for tablets. The Dell Latitude 10 essentials configuration has been proven in a study by Principled Technologies to require 52 percent less time to manage and doubles the number of devices a single IT staff member can manage.

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