Dell Solutions Summit 2013

dell solutions summit
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Welcome to the Dell Solutions Summit Virtual Press Kit.
As a member of the media registered to attend Dell Solutions Summit in Beijing, we’d like to invite you to join the Dell Solutions Summit Press and Analyst Event with Dell’s Executive Leadership Team. Here you’ll receive exclusive Dell news and have the opportunity to ask questions of and speak with Dell’s executive team members.


Dell Solutions Summit 2013: The Innovation Opportunity Dell Solutions Summit 2013: The Innovation Opportunity [Opening Keynote]
In this session, hear from Michael Dell, customers including Mr. Sun Yu, CEO of Tagal, and the Dell executive leadership team about the commitment to strategy, solutions and investments being made to enable our Asia-based customers to respond to the opportunity ahead and deliver results to their business.
Dell Solutions Summit 2013: Transforming to meet customer needs Dell Solutions Summit 2013: Transforming to meet customer needs [Closing Keynote]
In this session, hear from Haiyan Wang, managing director of the China India Institute about the opportunity for China-based companies to lead the world in innovation by delivering solutions for local and global customers. Additionally, gain insight from Dell’s SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Karen Quintos, and Dell’s Chief Information Officer, Andi Karaboutis, about how their organization’s partnered together to drive business results. Finally, Steve Felice, President and Chief Commercial Officer discusses the solutions Dell is bringing to market to deliver value and help customers with the transformation of IT as a business enabler with examples of customers who have been successful in this journey.
  1. Ng Tian Beng

    Ng Tian Beng

    Dell Vice President, Greater China & Korea

  2. Henry Cao

    Henry Cao

    Enterprise Solutions Director Large Institution, Dell Greater China

  3. Jeff Clarke

    Jeff Clarke

    Vice Chairman and President, Global Operations and End User Computer Solutions

  4. Michael Dell

    Michael Dell

    Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors

  5. Alvaro Del Pozo

    Alvaro Del Pozo

    Vice President - APJ Commercial Marketing

  6. Steve Felice

    Steve Felice

    President and Chief Commercial Officer

  7. Marius Haas

    Marius Haas

    President, Enterprise Solutions, Dell

  8. Li Hui

    Li Hui

    General Manager of Public and Large Enterprise, Dell China

  9. Andi Karaboutis

    Andi Karaboutis

    Vice President and Global Chief Information Officer

  10. Cecil S.K. Ko

    Cecil S.K. Ko

    General Manager, Greater China, Dell Software Group

  11. Richard Lee

    Richard Lee

    Global Vice-President, GM of Asia-Pacific Global Commercial Channels (GCC)

  12. Peter Marrs

    Peter Marrs

    Executive Director/ General Manager of End User Computing Business

  13. Amit Midha

    Amit Midha

    President, Dell Asia Pacific and Japan Region Chairman, Dell Global Emerging Markets

  14. Joanne Moretti

    Joanne Moretti

    VP & Global Head Software Marketing Global Software Organization

  15. Andy Peng

    Andy Peng

    Marketing Director Greater China, ESS Marketing, Dell

  16. Karen Quintos

    Karen Quintos

    Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

  17. Barrie Sheers

    Barrie Sheers

    Vice President & GM for Asia Pacific & Japan. Dell Software

  18. John A. Swainson

    John A. Swainson

    President of Software

  19. Suresh Vaswani

    Suresh Vaswani

    President | Dell Services

  20. Jackie Wang

    Jackie Wang

    General Manager of CSMB, Dell Greater China, Executive Director and General Manager of China Preferred Accounts Group

  21. John Wang

    John Wang

    General Manager | Dell Services China

  22. Sally Xiao

    Sally Xiao

    Executive Director, Greater China Commercial Marketing

  23. Huang Yu

    Huang Yue

    General Manager of End User Computing, Dell GC

  1. Dell SErvices

    Dell Services

    Dell Services featured at the 2013 Dell Solutions Summit.

  2. End User Computing

    Laptops & Ultrabooks

    Laptop and Ultrabook solutions featured at the 2013 Dell Solutions Summit.

  3. enterprise solutions

    Enterprise Solutions

    Enterprise solutions featured at the 2013 Dell Solutions Summit.

  4. software solutions

    Software Solutions

    Software solutions featured at the 2013 Dell Solutions Summit.

Media Contacts

Lily Guan
Dell | China
+86 10 58261152

Victor Gao
Dell | China
+86 10 58261049

Katie Taylor
Dell | United States
+512 728 1222

Analyst Contacts

Andrew Nichols
Dell | Singapore
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