About Outlet

Buy a refurbished PC from Dell Outlet in six easy steps

About Outlet

These systems are computers that have been returned to Dell for a variety of reasons.

Dell Outlet fully retests all systems to ensure that every part of the system is fully functional and passes our quality-control procedures.

All products from Dell Outlet are similar to new systems purchased from standard Dell sources, except that they have been returned, tested and then sold to you at a discount.

What standard service offerings are included?
Please see Service Offerings for more information.

What software is included?
All refurbished desktop and notebook systems from Dell Outlet ship with the operating system that they were originally sold with. Please note there is no operating system included on server offers.

When do you ship?
We usually ship your system(s) within an estimated 5–7 business days after order payment has been approved and verified. All units are fully tested before being put into our stockroom which ensures that they are ready to be shipped immediately. It is not possible to make changes to any system but you may add certain accessories where applicable.

Is customer support the same as new?
Yes. We are happy to offer the Dell Outlet customers the same high-quality customer support and lifetime technical support that comes with new Dell systems.