Cashback Offer with qualified Dell products

cashback with qualified dell products


From 03 to 22 August, get £100 cashback on all laptops and desktops priced from £599 or get £150 back on all laptops and desktops priced over £999.
All Inspiron, XPS and Alienware products marked as CASHBACK QUALIFIED’ on dell.co.uk/home are included in this promotion.
3 easy steps to claim your cashback
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Step 1 - Purchase a qualifying product from dell.co.uk/home during the promotional period from 03 to 22 August.Step 2 - Fill in the online claim form no sooner than 30 days but no later than 60 days after the promotion period ends on 03 to 22 August.Step 3 – Receive your cashback within 30 days of claim validation.​

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