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Internet Safety Tips and Parental control options.

Keep your family safe online!

Our children are growing up in a digital age. They have unprecedented access to the Internet through mobile devices, family computers and game consoles. As parents, we want our children to tap into the wealth of education, entertainment and communication available online. At the same time we must teach them sound internet safety practices. By building a good online safety foundation when children are young, you can confidently encourage new freedoms as they grow.

You can begin the conversation about internet safety as early as primary school. Discuss safe and appropriate Internet behaviors; even young children understand simple safety rules just like they know how to look each way before crossing the street.

Mitigate online risks to your child by encouraging open communication; by keeping up-to-date with new online technologies; and by educating your child about the best ways to use technology safely and responsibly.

Internet Safety and parental controls  Learn more about internet safety:


Windows 8 benefits:
Windows 8
 McAfee benefits:
  • Control the amount of time your child spends online
  • Manage application, video game and movie ratings
  • Monitor you child’s activity online
  • Block specific websites and content
  • Turn on web filtering to ensure that your child can browse the internet safely
Windows 8 Family Control 
  • Prevents explicit YouTube videos
  • Manage the amount of time online
  • Prevent contact with strangers
  • Block exposure to adult content
  • Filter Movies viewed by rating
McAfee Family Protection 


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Getting started with Windows 8 Family Control and McAfee Family Protection

Getting started couldn't be simpler.

PC with Windows 7 & 8

Windows 8 Family Control
You can monitor their Internet use, block or allow access to certain websites, and choose which games or apps your kids can access. To turn on Family Safety, at least one designated adult needs an administrator account, and a standard user account is needed for each child who will be monitored.

Watch how to set up Windows 8 Family Control

Windows 8 family control

With Windows 8 Family Control you can:
  • Control the amount of time your child spends online and on the computer
  • Manage application, video game and movie ratings.
  • Monitor your child’s activity online and on the computer
  • Block specific websites and content
  • Turn on web filtering to ensure that your child can browse the internet safely

Windows 8 is available on all Dell Laptops
and Desktops.
Windows 8

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PC with other Operating Systems

Online  Safety & McAfee® Family protection McAfee® Family protection 

McAfee® Family Protection software helps parents easily protect their kids from age-inappropriate online content and keeps parents informed with rich, easy-to-read reports of web activity. McAfee Family Protection software is easy to use, effective, and gives you the peace of mind of knowing you are allowing your kids to discover the Internet safely.


Other parents recommend McAfee® Family protection.

McAfee® Family protection View Details › 

Some of its benefits include:

  • Blocks up to 35 categories of objectionable websites and filters inappropriate content
  • Prevents sharing of confidential information and keeps your PC safe from security threats found in peer-to-peer file sharing
  • Filters music with explicit language in the title of the song
  • Monitor your child’s social networking and instant messaging activity
  • Receive email and alerts instantly when inappropriate website access is attempted
  • Set the day or time your child can access the Internet

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What are parental controls?
Parental Controls are designed to let parents set controls for their children's computer use, computers that run windows come with parental controls built in and you can also buy parental control software.
The following are just some of the services available within parental controls

  • Time Limits: set specific time limits that will prevent logging on during certain times of the day.
  • Age restricted content: Set certain age restrictions on the games, applications, movies and music.
  • Web Access: Allows you to restrict the Web sites that children visit.
  • Program-specific Controls: allows you to keep your children from running specific programs on the computer.

How do I activate and customize my parental control settings on windows 8?

All the information you need to easily activate parental control settings on your windows 8 system can be found here:
Windows 8 Parental Control Video

Who has access to parental controls?
You should be the only person with access, if your child has found out how to alter your customized settings, change your settings so that your child cannot access them.

How can I monitor my child’s activity without looking over their shoulder?
With parental controls you have the ability to receive daily detailed reports about your child’s activity both online and offline, so you can observe your child’s activity while they can browse on the computer freely.

Will parental controls block access to games and movies that aren’t suitable for my child?
Yes, once you customize your settings to ensure that certain content (Music, video games, application, movies, etc.) is set to the suitable age for your child.