Help Me Choose: Hard Drive

The hard drive is where the OS, software applications, files and data are stored on a PC.

When choosing storage for your new Dell desktop, it's important to:

1. Determine what you want to do today, next week or even in the next few years.

2. Plan today for the activities you want to do tomorrow. (If you don’t have a video camera, do you think you will at some point?)

3. Consider that content keeps growing — new technology will require greater storage capacity.

How Big Should I Go?

Average File Size

250GB*320GB*500GB* 640GB*


1000GB* (1TB)

1500GB* (1.5TB)

2000GB* (2TB)


4MB per 4-minute song

Up to 62,000 songsUp to 80,000 songs Up to 125,000 songsUp to 160,000 songs

Up to 187,000 songs

Up to 250,000 songs

Up to 375,000 songs

Up to 500,000 songs

Video [High Definition (HD)]

8.3GB per hour

Up to 30 hoursUp to 38 hours Up to 60 hoursUp to 75 hours

Up to 90 hours

Up to 120 hours

Up to 180 hours

Up to 240 hours


3.5MB per 6-megapixel image

Up to 71,000 images Up to 91,000 images Up to 142,000 images Up to 180,000 images

Up to 213,000 images

Up to 285,000 images

Up to 425,000 images

Up to 570,000 images

DVD-Quality Movies

Number of 1.5-hour movies (DVD quality)

Up to 66 movies Up to 94 movies Up to 133 movies Up to 185 movies 

Up to 200 movies

Up to 260 movies

Up to 440 movies

Up to 560 movies