Help Me Choose: Hard Drive

The hard drive is where the OS (operating system), software applications, files and data are stored on a PC.
Which technology is right for me? 5,400 rpm hard drive disk (HDD) 7,200 rpm hard drive disk (HDD) Solid-state drive (Not all disk types or capacities might be available on every product) mSATA SSD + traditional HDD 
Performance Basic Performance Faster, quieter and more durable than standard hard drives Quick resume, faster application load 
Capacity 320GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB and 2TB (Dual HDD) 320GB, 500GB and 750GB 128GB, 256GB and 512GB 32GB, 128GB 
Durability Standard Standard Highly shock resistant Standard 

How big
should I go?
Average file size* 128GB* SSD 256GB* SSD 512GB SSD 320GB*500GB* 750GB*1TB 1.5TB*2TB 
Word Document 2.5 page  Up to
5.3 million
 Up to
10 million
 Up to
21.3 million
Up to
13.3 million 
Up to
20.8 million 
Up to
31.2 million 
Up to
41.6 million 
Up to
62.4 million 
 Up to
83.2 million
Music* 4MB per 4-minute
Up to 32,000 songs Up to 64,000 songs Up to 128,000 songs Up to 80,000 songs Up to 125,000 songs Up to 187,000 songs Up to 250,000 songs Up to 375,000 songs Up to 500,000 songs 
Video in high definition (HD)* 8.3GB per
Up to 15 hours Up to 30 hours Up to 61 hours Up to 38 hours Up to 60
Up to 90 hours Up to 120 hours Up to 180 hours Up to 240 hours 
Photos*3.5MB per 6-megapixel (MP)
Up to 36,000 images Up to 73,000 images Up to 146.000 images Up to 91,000 images Up to 142,000 images Up to 213,000 images Up to 285,000 images Up to 425,000 images Up to 570,000 images 
DVD quality* Number of 1.5-hour 
Up to 37  Up to 75 Up to 150 Up to 94  Up to 133 Up to 200  Up to 260  Up to 440  Up to 550