Help Me Choose: Mice

Select an optional mouse for your new Dell™ computer.
A wireless mouse is a great add-on to help increase your comfort and control while using your computer.

We offer an assortment of wireless mice that come with a variety of different technologies:

  • Wireless mice use radio frequencies to transmit your data from the mouse to your laptop. This means you don’t have a wire connected from your mouse to your new computer. Wireless mice have great reliability and stability.
  • The nano receiver is just a small wireless receiver. It is made small for portability, so that it doesn’t stick far out of your USB port.
  • The unifying receiver with a wireless mouse is a tiny, leave-in wireless receiver. Smaller than most coins, it only takes up one USB port and can work with up to six wireless devices.
  • BlueTrack Technology™ is a technology that is built into some Microsoft® mice. This technology allows you to use your mouse with ease on virtually any surface.
Gaming Mouse
With 20 buttons, the Logitech® gaming mouse is the most customizable and easy-to-use mouse specifically designed for mastering your favorite (massively multiplayer online game) MMOs.
  • 20 MMO-tuned buttons
  • Thumb panel in easy reach
  • Light it up your way
  • G-shift and DPI shift
  • Comfortably shaped to go the distance
  • Gaming-grade performance