Help Me Choose: My Service Plan

Premium Software Phone Support
  • Premium Software Phone Support — With Dell Premium Software Phone Support, you’ll get "how to" support for operating system and common software applications, plus assistance related to anti-virus setup, data transfer, data backup and wireless network device setup. Whether the software is preinstalled or purchased separately from, we can help.
  • Get expert support: Speak to an advanced technician.
  • Faster call answering times than standard phone support.
  • Getting started with anti-virus: Let us help in setting up your anti-virus software and scheduling automated scans. Excludes virus or spyware removal.
  • Need help with your operating system? Dell can help you restore your system back to original factory settings.
  • Connect your computer to existing networks: We’ll help you with wired or wireless networks. Excludes setting up a new network.
  • Connect your peripherals to your computer: Assistance helping you connect a printer or peripheral to your computer. Excludes advanced Bluetooth® or WiFi connections.
  • Need help with data transfer or backup? We provide you simple "how-to" instructions to transfer files to your new computer or perform data backup.
  • Software assistance:

    • "Step-by-step" support for Dell-branded software
    • Simple “how-to” instructions for software applications in the following categories: Browser, email, productivity, financial, internet browser, photo/video editing, DVD or PDF creation and software such as Windows 7, Microsoft Office, McAfee® AntiVirus, Quicken®, Adobe® Photoshop®
    • We will help you install, uninstall and reinstall all other software purchased from Dell not listed in above categories

In-Home Next Day Support
This service includes:

Support for your system at your location on the next business day or on an evening or a Saturday
  • In the event of a problem that cannot be resolved through phone-based troubleshooting, we will send a Dell-certified technician to your location on the next business day (call must be logged before the local service cut-off time), or if you prefer, on an evening or a Saturday, within two to five business days.
  • Next-day support — Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.; Evenings and Saturdays support — Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., within two to five business days.

Online and Phone Technical Support
Dell offers a 24x7 comprehensive online assistance at Most questions can be answered through online information resources. If you cannot resolve your problem, you can contact technical support for problem diagnosis. This service is available for all service plans.

Collect and Return
We will repair your system within 10 business days after completion of telephone-based troubleshooting. Your system will be collected from your home during the next business day (if the call is logged by the technician before the daily cut-off time on the previous day). This service is available Monday to Friday during local business hours.