Help Me Choose: PC Tower Styles


Help save space with Dell™ all-in-one desktops, merging a PC and a monitor into a single unit. Combined with a wireless mouse and keyboard, all-in-one desktops virtually eliminate wire clutter for a clean, efficient workspace.

Slim Tower
Compact and efficient, the Dell slim tower offers essential features without taking over your desk. For surfing the web, reading email and performing basic office functions, a slim tower is a cost-effective, space-saving solution.

Mini Tower
Dell’s standard desktop offering, the mini tower combines design efficiency and powerful desktop performance. For those running business applications, watching movies or playing games, a mini tower is a great choice.

Mid Tower
Dell’s mid tower desktops offer processing power, versatile connectivity and high-end graphics and sound capability. Bigger than other desktop offerings, Dell’s mid towers are designed for those running demanding applications, video games and media creation requiring powerful hardware.