Help Me Choose: Wireless Routers and Networking

With a wireless network, you are free to work where you want, how you want. Connect to the web, send email and connect printers, keyboards, mice and other devices to your computer without worrying about cable clutter. Even better, you can use the network to share files and media between computers, as well as back up your valuable data to external storage devices. 
The central hub of your wireless network, the router is the connection through which all of your compatible devices communicate via a mobile broadband internet connection. You can share resources and files between computers, print and fax documents, and surf the web on your laptop anywhere within the router’s range as part of a local area network (LAN). A LAN allows for very high data transfer speed between devices within a small geographical area, all without cumbersome wires.  

Wireless G is the current standard but Wireless N is the next step up, with up to five times the speed of Wireless G and a larger signal range.

  1. Belkin Surf Wireless Router — Get wireless coverage for an apartment or small home with this router that uses Wireless B- and G-certified technology as well as some features of Wireless N technology.
  2. D-Link DIR-615 N Wireless Router — This Wireless N router gives you fast speed, a dual firewall, extended coverage and virtually no dead spots.
  3. Belkin Play Wireless Router — Double your performance and bandwidth with this dual-band Wireless N router. Two networks mean less interference and connectivity issues, with media-intensive applications such as videos and gaming.
  4. 3 Mobile Broadband Dongle — This dongle plugs into a USB port and gives you fast broadband speeds with no wires or hassles.

Wireless N USB Adapter

Go completely wire-free with a Wireless N USB adapter. Connect this tiny device to your laptop or desktop via an available USB port and instantly communicate with your home network at blazing-fast Wireless N speed, all without the need for a physical connection to the router hub.