Big Data Resource Library

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    Gaining Operational Efficiency with Dell's Big Data and Analytics Portfolio


    For greater big data operational efficiency, avoid niche solutions. This Enterprise Strategy Group white paper discusses why a “better together” approach to constructing a complete big data and analytics technology stack leads to significant gains.

  2. Big data: Unlocking strategic dimensions

    Big data: Unlocking strategic dimensions

    Discover the challenges to big data success. This white paper discusses how big data initiatives must ensure that data is cost-effectively managed, integrated across the enterprise and secure for self-serve analysis.

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    5 ways to boost your business IQ

    More than just answers to questions such as: why did that happen? what do we do next time? Dell Big Data analytics solutions turn complex disparate data and applications into a comprehensible picture you can operate your business with. This white paper explains how.

  4. Database Development Best Practices

    Database Development Best Practices


    Learn about best practices for workflows that reduce software bugs and business delays. Toad Development Suite provides an integrated toolset to ensure that the highest quality of code is delivered, optimized and scaled for better performance — regardless of user skill set.

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    Dell Blueprint for Big Data and Analytics


    Bringing big data solutions into your organization is a big deal. Choosing the most cost-efficient path is key. This Dell blueprint for big data and analytics breaks down the necessary tools required for an end-to-end solution that capitalizes on all your data. Learn more.

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    Video: Big Data with Hadoop

    Companies of all sizes — with various data volumes and types — must implement innovative solutions to capitalize on the big data downpour. Watch this video to learn more.

  1. Big Data & Getting Past the Hype

    Big Data & Getting Past the Hype


    This infographic helps you look beyond the daunting hype of big data and put data-driven decision making at the heart of your business. To start turning data into insights, take a look at the barriers to harnessing data and what steps you can take to overcome the challenges.

  2. Are you ready to unlock the power of advanced analytics?

    Are you ready to unlock the power of advanced analytics?


    Ensure that your analytics are built on a solid foundation and can easily evolve with change. This infographic walks you through what an analytics maturity path looks like. Also, discover metrics that make jumping into the big data game now imperative.

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    Go from data to decision faster


    Search billions of records in seconds. Save millions. Dell big data solutions are delivering stellar results for customers. Discover more.

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    Analyst survey: Most important traits for big data solutions


    What do you think are the top four traits businesses look for in an analytics solution? Sure reliability and performance are among them, but two traits were considered more important and even tied for first pick. Discover top analytic solution trait picks from your peers.