Assess your environment

Taking your IT pulse

Inside your data center are resources waiting to be unleashed. The average data center team spends 70 percent of time on maintenance. What if you could reduce that time? What if you could cut your power consumption by 20 percent? What if you could consolidate four racks into one?

Dell™ online tools and resources, as well as our on-site assessment services, can help you understand the current state of your IT and identify your opportunities for savings.

We focus on right-sizing IT solutions for your needs. And we know that blades are not the answer for everyone. Careful, expert assessment helps ensure your solution matches your unique situation.

Some of the key issues when assessing blade and data center planning include:

  • Data center real estate costs and constraints
  • Data center power costs and constraints
  • The power available to individual server racks
  • Your network infrastructure

Understanding your current situation is vital to planning for the future.

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