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Put backup and recovery worries on auto-pilot

Whatever the cause — forces of nature, security breaches, network interruptions or human error — if you lose your data, you’ve got big problems. With Dell backup and recovery solutions, you can be ready for the worst — automatically.

Dell backup and recovery solutions are tightly integrated with the leading application and virtual environments to efficiently meet your recovery point and time objectives — without adding complexity or downtime. And our backup and recovery solutions boost performance in your existing environment through deduplication, compression and replication while dramatically reducing your bandwidth needs and storage costs.
With data volumes doubling every 18 months and business operations going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, eliminating wasted space and fast recovery are critical. Dell storage appliances, such as the DL4000, DR4100 and the DR6000, are designed to dramatically reduce your storage footprint and restore business operations quickly:
  • Dell PowerVault DL4000 — Protects and restores your critical data with granular, file-level recovery in minutes. The DL4000 is a disk-to-disk, high-speed integrated solution powered by Dell AppAssure software that scales with your growth, automatically.
  • DR4100 — Optimized for small to mid-sized organizations to provide advanced deduplication and compression capabilities that identify redundant data in the backup stream and eliminate it. The DR4100 reduces the amount of data by a 15:1 ratio, in turn reducing the amount of storage you need.  The DR4100 is a target-based deduplication appliance supporting all the leading backup software applications on the market today, including Dell’s NetVault Backup and vRanger.
  • Coming soon: DR6000 and DR Operating System 3.0 – Designed specifically for large enterprises, the DR6000 expands on DR4100 capabilities and is the industry’s first source side deduplication performance accelerator for Network File System/Common Internet File System (NFS/CIFS) backup (Rapid NFS/Rapid CIFS). And it can scale up to 180 terabytes (TB) after RAID-usable capacity and has an improved density with 4TB drives and support for four expansion shelves. With the DR OS3.0 we’re also adding Global View — a single console for managing alerts and events for a network of disaster recovery appliances.
Contact a Dell expert and discover more about the benefits of Dell storage appliances.

Customize your data protection software strategy to fit your business

No two data backup and recovery strategies are the same. Dell offers multiple solutions in several key areas to achieve a protection and recovery plan customized for your business needs:Contact a Dell expert and learn more about our end-to-end backup and recovery solutions.


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    New economies of storage with the Compellent Flash-optimized solutions - White Paper

    With the introduction of the Dell Compellent flash-optimized solutions, Dell changed the economics of flash storage and broke the current pricing boundaries. By offering solutions that can provide performance at the capacity and price of a rotating disk, Dell is making flash storage affordable and accessible to a broader segment of the market.

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    CGD Securities


    To better meet customer needs, CGD Securities deploys a storage platform that provides availability and flexibility to expand on demand.

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