Data Protection

Maximize data availability with the highest levels of data protection

Protect your data, big or small, using space-efficient snapshots with highly granular recovery points and remote replication. Dell data protection features are fully automated and drive efficiency and management cost reduction through: 
  • Multigenerational hardware and software compatibility
  • Integration with data protection features of leading hypervisors
  • Innovative software licensing
And, with space-efficient snapshots and replication, you can save disk space and speed your data recovery.

We offer an extensive portfolio of protection features to fit your business needs.

Contact a Dell expert and learn more about how Dell storage helps drive efficiencies in data centers.

Maximum protection for big operations

Dell Compellent solutions provide multigenerational hardware and software compatibility, perpetual software licensing and Copilot Support. Compellent benefits include:
  • Thin replication
  • Significant reduction in cost of bandwidth and management
  • Replication of changed blocks of data only (no duplication)
  • Multiple topologies
  • Improved failure recovery
  • Easy replication set-up (six clicks)
  • No space pre-allocation
  • One button for automated restore
  • Disaster recovery testing without downtime

Secure and quickly recover data in performance-intensive workloads

EqualLogic offers all-inclusive software licensing, as well as multigenerational hardware and software compatibility to protect data in heavy workloads, even in space-constrained environments. The Dell EqualLogic PS Series provides:
  • High performance, space-efficient, application- and hypervisor-aware SAN-based snapshots
  • Enterprise-class SAN architecture for 99.999 percent data availability1
  • Scalable hardware for online data protection of virtual infrastructures
  • Built-in replication for automated disaster recovery
  • Fast online protection and *Auto-Snapshot Manager (ASM) in VMware and Microsoft
  • Optimal protection for database-intense operations, such as online transaction processing (OLTP)
  • Integration and coordination with VMware application programming interfaces (API) to enhance provisioning and scalable data protection
  • Asynchronous replication between two groups or two pools in a single group
The EqualLogic PS Series simplifies planning, deployment and maintenance of your IT infrastructure. Snapshots, replicas and clones are integrated with various Tier-1 application environments, including:
  • Microsoft® Sharepoint®
  • Microsoft® Exchange
  • Microsoft® SQL Server®
*The EqualLogic Auto-Snapshot Manager (ASM) has an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that controls the creation, recovery and scheduling of snapshots and replicas of individual files, virtual machines (VMs), groups of VMs and all machines across your data center.

1 Results based on March 2013 internal Dell testing with actual MTBF calculated from a run time total of 26 million+ hours (accumulated by 6724 systems). Run time and availability impacting failures for a 6 month period from 8/2012 thru 1/2013. Estimated weighted average MTTR of 6.6 hours for 12 hour part SLA. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability.

Disparate data protection for smaller operations

Benefit from ease of deployment and management, with a solution designed to scale with your business. Our versatile Dell PowerVault MD solutions are optimized for smaller-scale storage consolidation and virtualization projects, and are ideal for Remote Office/Branch Office environments.
  • PowerVault MD3 iSCSI and Fibre Channel SANs ensure a high availability of data and protection features can be tailored to meet the needs of your environment.
  • Virtual Disk Copy (VDC) provides full replication of an existing disk at any point in time, and reads and writes are supported while creating a virtual copy.
  • Additionally, remote replication provides data protection by replicating data to any global location via either Fibre Channel or over a common IP network.
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