Keeping data without wasting resources

Adding more primary storage to archive your company’s growing data is a quick fix, at best, and not a practical long-term strategy. Dell storage solutions are comprised of specialized platforms and software designed to offload your primary storage of aged or infrequently accessed data to less expensive secondary storage with high-availability access.

Dell archiving strategies:
  • Eliminate information silos
  • Reduce backup costs
  • Solve email storage management issues
  • Manage large amounts of static digital information
  • Improve data protection
Whether it’s a patient’s entire medical history you need to see, important scientific research you need to store or a SharePoint® file you need to reference — your archiving solution should be dependable, efficient and easy to use.

Contact a Dell expert and learn more about how modern IT departments are buying less storage and addressing their archiving requirements with efficient, long-term strategies.

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You never know when you’re going to need that one email to prove a point. And you’ll need to find it among the massive amount of electronic data outgrowing your storage assets.

Dell storage solutions enable you to efficiently retain electronically stored information (ESI) such as email, instant messages and blogs for analysis or litigation purposes with features that:
  • Scan incoming emails and move them into archives in accordance with established policies
  • Accommodate different data types, applications and customer environments
  • Optimize storage capacity

Consolidate and manage growing archives of Microsoft® SharePoint® files in a centralized, scalable repository. Dell storage solutions enable easy access to multiple servers and layers of content to pull data into a central repository.

Dell has teamed up with a number of partners to offer unified solutions that:
  • Simplify management of unstructured content
  • Automatically enforce data retention policies and enable legal hold
  • Reduce redundant information
Dell’s FS Series Fluid File System is integrated across our complete line of storage platforms and — in conjunction with partner software — can create a scalable and accessible SharePoint archive solution with low total cost of ownership.

In addition, because Dell storage archives can remove inactive data from SharePoint servers, backup and recovery times are decreased.
Offload unstructured file data into a cost-effective, scalable secondary storage archiving solution. Dell storage enables administrators to set policies that move inactive data from primary data stores to less expensive repositories. You can achieve:
  • Automated, policy-based file data classification and retention
  • Optimized data retrieval and migration
  • Enhanced data protection

Achieve the optimal balance of accessibility, scalability and cost control with your medical archive system. Dell developed its Medical Archiving Solutions to enable smart, total lifecycle strategies that automate data intake, processing, classification, storage, distribution and retrieval. Our solutions help you:
  • Consolidate all department images on a common platform in centralized archives
  • Streamline and automate data management, from creation through deletion
  • Control access by medical professionals, whether involving a single, holistic patient record or multiple views of clinical data
  • Minimize Picture Archiving and Communication Systems total cost of ownership, reducing data migration fees
  • Reduce storage demand, hardware, and power and cooling costs
  • Accelerate implementation through platforms pre-integrated with vendor-neutral archive solutions for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) and non-DICOM (such as patient records)
The sheer volume of high-value research data is pushing existing primary storage systems to their limits. Hundreds of terabytes of data are needed for research efforts in areas such as biomedical, computational and medical research.

We'll help you build a common research data repository that is scalable, cost-effective and structured for easier retrieval. Dell storage solutions enable:
  • Automated archiving with stub file access
  • Easy retrieval through a graphical user interface
  • Direct end-user access including search of archived data
  • Metadata search protection and preservation of digital content