Enough is enough: Ending the malware security compromise

Don’t settle for signature-based anti-virus and anti-malware solutions with limited protection against new problems. Revolutionize your security with Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise.

The median number of days before malware that slips past AV is detected? 205.* Then, all you can do is react and remediate: clean, quarantine and try to fix the damage.

The number of days it takes Dell advanced threat prevention to detect malware? 0. Dell advanced threat prevention is proactive: it uses dynamic, mathematical analysis to assess safety before files run, so attacks don’t happen in the first place.

Revolutionary advanced threat prevention from Dell stops 99% of malware before it can run, far above the 50% efficacy of the top anti-virus solutions*. It also offers speedy performance, with low CPU and memory usage and no signature updates and is a local solution that is effective without a cloud connection. Lastly, advanced threat prevention from Dell meets Microsoft, HIPPA HITECH, and PCI DSS requirements for an anti-virus replacement.

Advanced threat prevention part of Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise, which includes authentication, file-level encryption, and BIOS verification.