Having the right business tools is critical. You need comprehensive endpoint security that covers the three essentials: authentication to ensure only authorized users can access your organization’s data, encryption to safeguard the data wherever it goes and threat protection to defend users against untrusted content.

The right way to acquire these tools is also vital. There is the simplest, cost-effective way and there is everything else. Updating your desktops, laptops, tablets or other devices offers a great opportunity to implement current security technologies. By having your desired security solution preloaded at the factory, you can eliminate the expensive, time-consuming work of deploying the solution across a large fleet of systems. In addition, purchasing security software along with hardware gives you the option to move your software licensing dollars from Opex to Capex, where they can be amortized as a fixed cost.

Dell provides both — the right tools for comprehensive protection and the opportunity to build in that protection with your new systems.