Learn how to improve your business’s backup and recovery operations using the Dell™ EqualLogic™ Auto-Snapshot Manager/Microsoft Edition (ASM/ME) and Microsoft® SQL Server® full database backup. The capabilities of ASM/ME together with SQL Server backup can help improve recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) goals without any disruption to your database applications.

The SQL Server native backup and restore utility provides an important safeguard for protecting critical data stored in SQL Server databases. A well-planned backup and restore strategy helps protect databases against data loss or corruption caused by:

  • User/administrator errors, such as dropping a table by mistake
  • Hardware failures, such as a storage controller failure, damaged disk drives or permanent loss of a server
  • Software problems, such as driver or firmware bugs that cause SQL data corruption
  • Natural disasters

Review test system details, including hardware, network and software components, and find best practices for planning your implementation and network, storage, and virtual configurations. The EqualLogic Auto-Snapshot Manager/Microsoft Edition gives an SQL database administrator the ability to create a Smart Copy snapshot of the database. A Smart Copy snapshot is a transactionally consistent point-in-time copy of the SQL Server database, which can be used by administrators to copy and retain the state of a database at a particular time.