DPACK: Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit

Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK)

The Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK) helps you optimize spending and analyze opportunities for virtualization or data center expansion.

Understand your environment

DPACK runs remotely and agentless to gather core requirements, including:

  • Disk I/O (input/output)
  • Throughput
  • Capacity and memory installation
  • Server workload and capacity requirements

With this tangible data, DPACK generates two types of reports:

  • An aggregation of resource needs across disparate servers, with a simulation of those workloads if consolidated to shared resources
  • An in-depth individual server report to help you find and resolve potential bottlenecks or hot spots 

As part of our Dell total solution, a Dell Solution Architect will provide you with these detailed reports, the resulting accumulated metrics and what they mean for your business. Dell will work with you every step of the way to help you look for opportunities to optimize your data center and plan for upcoming critical projects.

Get started

1. DPACK will collect data from any server (independent of manufacturer), however, it is only compatible with the operating systems (OS) listed below. Select your OS and follow the installation instructions

2. After completing your collection, return to this page to upload the resulting .iokit file for processing:

Have questions or want to provide feedback about DPACK? Email DPACK_Support@dell.com

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