Dell Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Dell S5000wi Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projector
What is ultra short throw projection?
Facing space constraints but need shadow-free projection? Meet Dell S500 and Dell S500wi — our very first ultra short throw projectors.
The magic of projectors with ultra short throw lenses lies in their capability of large image projections even in a tiny room. While their short throw cousins are able to produce comparatively large projections, ultra short throw projectors require an even shorter projection distance from the screen. Like never before, you no longer need to fret over the limitations of running presentations in tiny meeting rooms. You can now splash your grand ideas on the big screen simply by sitting your projector right in front of the wall. You’ll be delighted to know that what this also means is that, apart from shadow-free projections, you can finally be free of looking into the projector’s glaring lamp light whenever you turn to address the audience.
Engineered with native wide resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio, and a built-in ultra short throw lens, Dell S500 and S500wi are designed to help you yield an approximate 80" (2m) diagonal image with a mere 20" (0.51m) space from the projection wall. Move the projector further out and you’ll land an approximate 100" (2.54m) diagonal image from just 25.8" (0.65m) away. Complete with a quiet fan operation and dual 5W speakers, both the Dell S500 and S500wi ultra short throw projectors will help alleviate fan noise and heat exhaust so that your audience can stay focused on your presentation. Optional wall-mount kit is readily available separately to help free up your desktop space.
Explore and find out which 3D-capable ultra short throw projector will better meet your requirements.
Dell S500 Ultra Short Throw ProjectorDell S500wi Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projector 
Dell S500 Ultra Short Throw ProjectorDell S500wi Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projector
Get shadow-free, big pictures in tiny spaces with the Dell S500. Beyond its sleek design, the S500 comes packed with high brightness, a deluxe suite of connectivity options, and 3D-capability. Designed to support 720p HD format, Dell S500 also comes integrated with closed captioning and Crestron Roomview. Opt to include wireless functionality and advanced features simply by purchasing the optional USB wireless dongle.Bring your presentations to life and inject fun and interactivity into your classroom with the Dell S500wi. Let your audience interact with the projected content on- and off-screen, or simply wow them with 3D imagery. Gear up with projection flair and enjoy ultra versatility through wide connectivity options, embedded wireless functionality, and a host of advanced features. Optional accessories include the wall-mount kit and dual pen docking station.