Dell Networking

Modern networking with maximum choice

You can only work as fast as your network, and making the right IT choices today sets the bar for tomorrow's productivity.

Like you, many IT professionals are facing networking decisions that can have big impacts down the road — how to address virtualization, new data center traffic patterns and increased bandwidth constraints, or how to better deliver multimedia content and enable mobile users.

At Dell, we believe that having more choices can make networking a lot simpler. It's easier to build a simple, manageable network when you can choose the strategy, technology and vendor that’s right for your needs.

Dell Networking gives you the freedom to modernize your network on your own terms. Designed to maximize choice and eliminate vendor lock-in, our networking solutions enable you to build flatter, faster, cloud-optimized data center networks and securely connect end users with high-speed, wired and wireless solutions for the campus and office. Based on open-standards technologies, Dell Networking solutions help you deliver new applications and services, now and in the future.

Data center networking

Transform your data center with cloud-class, high-performance switches built on industry-standard components, multiple OS options and architectures optimized for east-west traffic.

  • 10GbE and 40GbE technologies help you connect, consolidate and converge your in-rack server and storage elements.
  • Fixed form factor fabric switches optimize network performance and cost savings while simplifying deployment and operations with advanced automation features.
  • Industry-leading Open Networking solutions offer multiple paths to software-defined networking (SDN) and provide new levels of freedom with SDN-ready switches, fabric controllers and 3rd-party operating systems.

Campus and office networking

Upgrade your campus or office environment with wired and wireless solutions that deliver rich-media content and help you securely manage increasing mobile device use.

  • Enhance rich-media content delivery with a range of campus and office solutions, including unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) implementations.
  • Optimize mobile access to meet the increasing application demands of users while ensuring security and Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Deliver wired-like performance for mobile devices with purpose-built wireless access points utilizing 802.11ac gigabit wireless for unprecedented performance.
  • Modernize your campus wired infrastructure with energy-efficient 1/10GbE switches designed for scaling campus and office networks of all sizes.
  • Power, secure and aggregate your network edge with resilient, modular and space-optimized chassis-based switches.