Dell Servers

From your scale to hyperscale

Whether your business is looking to gain more insight from data, enable a mobile workforce, or transition to virtualized or cloud environments, Dell server solutions can get you there. Boost business productivity with breakthrough processing power, massive memory capacity and highly scalable internal storage. Improve operational efficiency and availability through features like embedded systems management and fail-safe virtualization. For larger-scale distributed workloads and cloud deployments, where cost efficiency in power, space and operations are critical, Dell’s hyperscale-optimized servers are a perfect solution.

Dell PowerEdge servers

Power complex workloads with an intelligent infrastructure
  • Increase access for more SharePoint and Exchange users with highly scalable servers like the PowerEdge R720xd.
  • Accelerate scientific results with multi-core GPU (graphic processing units) using high-bandwidth Generation3 PCIe.
  • Access data faster with Express Flash PCIeSSD, Cachecade RAID accelerator, Select Network Adapter and Switch Independent Partitioning technologies.
Increase utilization through industry-leading virtualization solutions
  • Ensure fail-safe virtualization with dual embedded hypervisors.
  • Achieve faster migration of workloads in hybrid virtual/physical environments.
  • Boost virtualization performance with maximized memory densities.
Improve operational efficiency with systems management that automates day-to-day functions, speeds deployment, and simplifies provisioning.
  • Eliminate time-consuming procedures with unique agent-free management capabilities.
  • Automate IT deployment and management tasks using iDRAC7 with Lifecycle Controller.
  • Reduce maintenance time with automatic firmware updates for replacement parts.
Reduce power and cooling costs with the world’s leading energy efficient platforms.
  • Control power at the server, row, rack or room level with OpenManage Power Center.
  • Compute more while consuming less with Dell’s Fresh Air technology that allows servers to run at higher ambient temperatures.
Ensure business continuity and security
  • Protect data at rest with malware resistance and faster encryption.
  • Keep data safer with firmware signing and encrypted credentials.

Dell PowerEdge C servers

For Big Data, HPC, Web 2.0 and cloud builders, telecommunications companies and web hosters, Dell offers PowerEdge C servers. Optimized for power, space and operating cost, Dell PowerEdge C servers are best-in-class for performance, density and efficiency — ideal for distributed workloads, scaled-out applications and cloud deployments.

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