Dell Servers

Finding the right-sized server solution – from your scale to hyperscale

Empower your business with the latest PowerEdge computing solutions and deliver precisely the computing performance your complex workloads require. Designed with operational efficiency in mind, each server includes agent-free, embedded systems management. And with industry-leading energy efficiency and virtualization capabilities, PowerEdge platforms can help you increase business agility and reduce costs.

Accelerate your workloads with PowerEdge server technology

Our most advanced lineup of rack, tower and converged infrastructure platforms offers more performance, greater density and a wider variety of options than ever before. Innovative, flash-optimized storage options drive your applications faster, while embedded management intelligence and automation helps you simplify administration. With their exceptionally flexible and versatile configurations, our server solutions are ideal to power through your workloads for a wide range of environments, from small offices to large data centers.

  • Unified communications and collaboration: Today’s world revolves around electronic communications. PowerEdge server solutions enable more, larger, and lower-cost mailboxes with improved response times for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Lync collaboration environments, allowing people to connect quickly and share information efficiently.
  • Business processing and decision support: Modern businesses are increasingly reliant on IT decision support and business processing to deliver the information they require. PowerEdge servers have been optimized for business intelligence with enhanced in-server flash storage and greater memory bandwidth to deliver more online transaction processing (OLTP) or online analytical processing (OLAP) database transactions in less time for a greater number of concurrent users.
  • High-performance computing (HPC): Technical and research computing is at the cutting edge of industry and academia, and the capabilities of these HPC clusters is critical to the success of compute intensive applications. PowerEdge servers are optimized to deliver faster, higher-quality results for workloads such as medical imaging, financial trading, oil and gas exploration, bioscience and data warehousing.
  • Virtualization: Pervasive in today's IT environments, virtualization is effective in widely divergent workloads that range from virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to private clouds to virtualized local storage. Designed to support more virtual machines per computing node, PowerEdge servers offer large memory capacities with improved bandwidth, high-performance processing and even lightning-quick graphics processing unit (GPU) capabilities for graphics intensive VDI.
Dell server solutions give you the power to transform your IT to match your organization's needs, allowing you to exploit business opportunities quickly and efficiently. The PowerEdge portfolio offers rack, tower and converged infrastructure platforms that can drive your business forward, from the small office to the enterprise – your scale to hyperscale.