Intel Xeon

Impressive Performance

Bring more performance, efficiency and versatility to your data center with next-generation PowerEdge™ servers, powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family. Designed to deliver the best combination of performance, built-in capabilities and cost-effectiveness, the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family can help you streamline operations, eliminate data bottlenecks and increase your business agility.

The Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family is powerful, versatile processors at the heart of your flexible, efficient data center. From virtualization and cloud computing to design automation or real-time financial transactions, you'll be delighted by better than ever performance and dramatically reduced I/O (input/output) latency.

Streamline your data center Streamline your data center
  • Intel-integrated I/O reduces I/O latency up to 30 percent*,* and supports the PCIe 3.0 specification, improving I/O bandwidth to up to twice that of PCIe 2.0.*
  • DDIO — Intel Data Direct I/O Technology intelligently directs I/O packets to the processor more than doubling* I/O performance. 
  • Enable up to 2x better technical computing performance with Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel AVX).*
Improve performance
  • Performance is boosted by up to 80 percent over previous generation Intel Xeon processor-based servers.*
  • New Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0* delivers up to twice the performance upside over previous generation turbo technology* and adapts to spikes in your workloads to provide more computing power when you need it.
Improve performance 
Optimize power use Optimize power use
  • Get up to 70 percent more performance per watt than previous generations with servers based on the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family.*
  • Intel Power Tuning Technology uses onboard sensors to help give greater control over power and thermal levels across the system.
  • Intel Intelligent Power Technology automatically regulates power consumption to combine enhanced energy efficiency with intelligent performance that adapts to your workload.
Increase security
  • Intel AES New Instructions (Intel AES-NI) accelerates encryption by a factor of ten,* and encourages pervasive encryption by reducing the associated performance penalties.*
  • Intel Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT) provides enhanced security through hardware-based resistance to malicious software attacks that occur before the virtual machine boots.*
Increase security 

Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family
Compare critical operating specs among family members using the following chart.

Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family chart

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