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Accomplish more with 61% more performance.

Accomplish more with 61% more performance. Featuring Intel® Xeon® processors E5 family, Dell™ PowerEdge™ 12th generation servers can offer up to 61 percent increased performance over previous generation Dell servers, so your entire company can get more done in less time.

You can also get up to 18 times more Microsoft® SQL Server® transactions per second when you use PowerEdge Express Flash Storage solid-state drives (SSDs) (directly connected to the CPU and memory bus). These PCIe (PCI Express) SSDs help to accelerate database, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and I/O (input/output) performance, enabling you to turn data into valuable information faster.

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We’ve spent over a year gathering more than 7,700 discrete customer insights to develop our new servers. Many of these valuable insights have led to design features delivered in our new Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers.

eliminated the performance issues that can slow workers down"... eliminated the performance issues that can slow workers down..."

"Lennox International has more than 6,000 employees that rely on Microsoft® Exchange software to communicate with colleagues, business partners and customers. In our testing, the processing performance and large-capacity storage capacity available from the Dell PowerEdge R720xd with the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family eliminated the performance issues that can slow workers down. Moving some of our employees to this platform could help us boost their productivity while enabling us to cut the additional costs of running added storage arrays for user mailboxes."

W. Drew Duke, IT Manager, Compute and Storage Engineering, Lennox International

reduce operating expenses and conserve physical space for growth"... reduce operating expenses and conserve physical space for growth..."

"We currently run distinct servers for the Microsoft® SQL Server® databases and HotSchedules application servers that power our customer-facing cloud environment, but we’d like to significantly consolidate that infrastructure. In our testing, we found that the new Dell PowerEdge servers deliver the processing power, memory capacity and large-scale on-board storage to easily run both a SQL database and multiple applications in a virtualized environment on the same system. The SQL server databases barely stressed the processors of the new Dell servers. Consolidating our infrastructure with the new Dell servers could help us reduce operating expenses and conserve physical space for growth while still delivering the outstanding performance that our customers have come to expect.”

Matthew Woodings, Chief Technology Officer, HotSchedules

reduce energy usage and get their solutions to market faster"... reduce energy usage and get their solutions to market faster."

“Our OEM customers previously needed expensive, third-party network-processing cards to process deep-packet inspection tasks. Next-generation Dell PowerEdge servers with the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family eliminate that need. Our customers can reduce component costs, reduce energy usage and get their solutions to market faster.”

Austin Hipes, Vice President of Technology, NEI

the scalable RAM in Dell PowerEdge M620 blade makes it ideal"... the scalable RAM in Dell PowerEdge M620 blade makes it ideal..."

“We want to transform our existing virtualization platform into a private cloud this year. The scalable RAM in Dell PowerEdge M620 blade makes it ideal for this purpose.”

Max Wagener, Head of Enterprise Architecture, GfK

The Dell PowerEdge R720 server is the “Swiss Army knifeʼ for cloud environments"... The Dell PowerEdge R720 server is the “Swiss Army knife for cloud environments."

The Dell PowerEdge R720 server is the ‘Swiss Army knife’ for cloud environments. With so many memory, I/O and storage options, it lets us tailor the solution to the customer.”

Alex Rodriguez, VP of Systems Engineering and Product Development, Expedient

The Dell PowerEdge R720 server is the “Swiss Army knifeʼ for cloud environments"... the PowerEdge 12th generation servers are simply advanced servers."

“Whether it’s CPU performance, RAM speed, connectivity or board design, the PowerEdge 12th generation servers are simply advanced servers.”

Thomas Franken, Systems Architect, Datacentre & Infrastructure, PIRONET NDH

Featured Servers

PowerEdge M620 blade server PowerEdge M620 blade server

Blend memory density, performance, efficiency and scalability together to drive your most challenging workloads with the PowerEdge M620 blade server.

• Unprecedented memory density 
• Up to 25.2% increased database performance vs. previous generations 
• Best for email, database and virtual environments

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PowerEdge M420 blade server PowerEdge M420 blade server

Exceptional computational density in a 2-socket, quarter-height blade server.

• 2-socket, quarter-height server 
• Best for exceptionally dense environments with extremely limited space

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PowerEdge R720XD rack server PowerEdge R720XD rack server

Scale up to 26 internal disks, and get the benefit of high-density memory with the PowerEdge R720XD rack server.

• 2-socket/2U 
• Supports up to 130% more Microsoft® Exchange 2010 mailboxes vs. previous generations 
• Offers extensive storage capacity and high-density memory

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PowerEdge R820 rack server PowerEdge R820 rack server

Compute -intensive performance with memory density, balanced I/O and reliability.

• 4-socket/2U 
• Ability to scale for transaction-based workloads when peaks occur 
• Best for dense virtualization and scale-out database

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More scalable storage means more room to grow.*

Get up to 80 percent higher performance with Dell PowerEdge servers powered by the Intel Xeon processor E5 product family.

IT organizations around the world are driving higher value into their businesses by virtualizing their data centers to reduce costs and adding automation to improve service levels, efficiency and agility. Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers provide the foundation for this innovation. They account for the majority of all servers in today’s virtualized data centers and clouds, and they also power many of today’s highest performing workstations.

The latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product families take these advantages to new heights with up to 80 percent higher performance than the prior generation and even better energy efficiency. Importantly, these processors also include advanced technologies to help solve the storage, networking and security challenges arising in today’s increasingly dynamic computing environments.

Maximum-density Virtualization

The PowerEdge R320 features the Intel Xeon E5-2400 processors with essential Intel memory RAS features – and its performance scales to your needs.
Run your virtualized environments faster with memory-dense servers.
Dell’s memory strategy for the PowerEdge 12th-generation servers provides the latest technologies and advanced features for you to meet your workload needs and solve real-world problems. All the next-generation PowerEdge servers, including 1U form factors, come equipped with dense memory and plenty of fast internal storage for caching.

Maximize network utilization with switch-independent partitioning.
With switch-independent portioning, you can tailor your network by provisioning exactly the right amount of bandwidth your applications demand and maximize your network utilization. Use this customizable feature to allocate and share network bandwidth, including on 10-Gigabit Ethernet connections, based on application demand.

Position for the future now with the Select Network Adapter
The exclusive PowerEdge Select Network Adapter on select models replaces single vendor embedded NICs with customer-defined connectivity option, allowing seamless migration between 1GB and 10GB directly on the motherboard. Select Network Adapters provide our customers with the freedom to choose: choice of technology, choice of interface and choice of vendor. These are modular integrated networking cards, which replace traditional fixed LOM infrastructures. Having this flexible and modular option instead of a fixed LOM increases the operational efficiency and longevity of servers, and provides investment protection.

Meet demanding I/O requirements.
Get fast access to your most important data with a split backplane, dual RAID controllers (on selected models) and PowerEdge storage tiering options, such as Cachecade I/O (input/output) accelerator and Compellent™ auto-tiering.

You can also get a huge boost in I/O capacity with more and faster expansion slots and increased internal storage that includes ultrafast Express Flash solid-state drives.

Reduce data center costs with expanded Fresh Air configurations.
Run your IT infrastructure at much higher ambient temperatures, and save on cooling costs, with the Dell Fresh Air solution. Every component in next-generation PowerEdge servers is optimized for minimum power consumption.

Gain precise control over energy consumption.
Improve your ability to monitor and manage power usage and energy consumption across your entire data center with Dell™ OpenManage™ Power Center, Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 7 (iDRAC7) Enterprise and Intel Node Manager. OpenManage Power Center enables you to monitor system energy consumption to reduce the risks associated with power fluctuations or outages.
Expanded Fresh Air Configurations
Rapidly access and process vast amounts of data with integrated PCIe Gen3-capable expansion and up to 768GB of memory.

With Intel Node Manager technology, the Dell OpenManage Power Center provides fast power capping to proactively prevent outages. Power efficiency and standards-based innovation are becoming increasingly important to our enterprise customers. That’s why Dell and Intel have been working together to develop and deliver standards-based power management. In fact, we are the first enterprise server provider to support the Intel Node Manager technology broadly across a server portfolio. And we do offer additional features that enhance the standard Node Manager experience using the same interface and communication protocols.

Learn about the requirements and capabilities of OpenManage Power Center and take advantage of accurate, timely and reliable information on power use to identify areas to gain efficiencies and cut wasteful costs.

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