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Discover why creative professionals rely on the Dell Precision M3800.

Meet Cyprian Sadlon, a freelance motion graphics artist working in New York City. Cyprian finds his inspiration in one of the world's top design hubs—but the city's fierce pace means that he needs technology that enables him to keep up with his work. The Dell Precision M3800's sleek design and powerful performance gives him everything he needs to excel in his creative field. Click on the video to learn more.

Precision M3800

Why Choose Dell?

According to Cyprian, “having enough processing power means the difference between meeting a deadline and not meeting a deadline.” The powerful performance of Dell Precision workstations are designed to help you create your best work, every time. “With the Precision M3800, Dell has really stepped up to fill my need as a high-end computer user.”


The Dell Precision M3800 is the thinnest and lightest 15” mobile workstation ever, ready for breakthrough creativity wherever you go. The powerful graphics capabilities are designed to give your work true clarity – now featuring a UHD display with 500k more pixels than the MacBook Pro with Retina display, for visualization that’s better than ever.

Dell Precision workstations are optimized to run professional video applications in Adobe® Creative Cloud® such as Adobe Premiere® Pro CC, which means you can work without hesitation. Render video sequences up to 30% faster and transcode video clips up to 26% faster in Adobe Premiere® Pro CC than the Apple MacBook Pro.*

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Customer Stories

Sparksight chooses Dell Precision
over Apple for high performance
with Adobe CC.

Empower your creativity with Dell Precision workstations.

The power to run the most important software of all, yours. If you run professional software, you know a simple truth: your software is only as good as the machine it runs on. The Dell Precision M3800 mobile workstation runs demanding software effortlessly and includes NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics so you can pan and zoom up to 10x faster* in Adobe® Illustrator® and get the most out of all your favorite Adobe® Creative Cloud applications.
NVIDIA Quadro Graphics improve Adobe Illustrator CC performance by 10x
Why choose the Dell Precision M3800?
  • The world's thinnest and lightest 15" mobile workstation for performance computing on the go
  • Real-time pan and zoom up to 10x faster* regardless of image size, feature mix, or display resolution, powered by the latest NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics on Adobe® Illustrator® CC. This feature is not available on an Apple MacBook Pro
  • Super crisp, color-calibrated display capabilities, such as the QHD+ display on the Dell Precision M4800 and M3800

Why choose Dell?

  • Dell is the #1 workstation vendor* and mobile workstation vendor in the US*.
  • Dell monitors are #1 in North America for the last 14 years (2000 to 2013)*
  • ISV certified: Mission critical reliability through ISV certifications on industry leading software applications
  • Dell Precision Optimizer: Enhances your performance on many Adobe® Creative Cloud applications like Adobe® Photoshop® CC which tunes your Dell Precision workstation to your workload. Available only on Dell Precision*
  • Dell ProSupport: Provides hardware and software support 24/7 by in-region ProSupport engineers who help resolve IT issues quickly and efficiently

Solutions for Adobe® Illustrator® CC and Adobe® Photoshop® CC

 Precision M3800 Mobile Workstation

Dell Precision M3800

  • Thin and light with professional performance: Step up from a laptop to a mobile workstation and create like never before with remarkable mobility and outstanding professional performance
  • Advanced Intel® Core® i7 processing for faster interactive response
  • Professional NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics for true interactive performance
  • High resolution QHD+ touch display for superior interpretation of detailed drawings

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 Precision Tower 5810 Workstation 

Dell Precision Tower 5810

  • The performance your specialized software demands: Uninterrupted creativity for design workflows - from concept to presentation
  • Intel Xeon Processors with high clock speed & core count for fast previews, renderings and reliability
  • Models available with NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics for fast responses on more complex software applications

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The Dell M3800 Precision Workstation - Action!

Media & Entertainment powered by Dell Precision

Dell Precision workstation power has been behind Free Birds, Game of Thrones, and the Twilight series, giving the world’s top animators and film editors benefits such as:
  • Vastly improved workflows. Do more projects, faster.
  • Real time rendering & editing with the most demanding applications, enabled by cutting edge components including Intel® processors and AMD® Fireproof® and NVidia® Quadro® graphics
  • Award-winning scalable & serviceable designs


Why choose Dell?

  • Dell Precision Optimizer: Experience faster application performance with embedded technology that adapts & optimizes your Dell Precision workstation to your application workload with AutoDesk Maya®, Adobe Premiere Pro®, After Effects® and more.
  • Dell M3800 Mobile Precision renders 43% faster than Apple MacBook Pro in benchmark testing .
  • Handle large data sets with super fast 1866MHz memory.
  • Super crisp, color-calibrated display capabilities, such as the QHD+ display on the Dell Precision M4800 and M3800.
  • Award-winning Dell Ultrasharp Monitors: With PremierColor® technology.

Solutions for Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud® & After Effects®

Precision T7910 Workstation Dell Precision Tower 7910 Workstation
• Dual Xeon Processor for fast previews, renderings and reliability
• Better performance graphics for advanced motion graphics and visual effects
• Dual Solid State hard drives provides faster access to media assets, clips, or sequences
• More memory to support enhance resolution workflows
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Precison M6800 Workstation

Dell Precision M6800 Mobile Workstation
• Quad core high clock speed processor to provide the best interactive and rendering performance
• Professional graphics for greater accuracy and a smoother workflow with high resolution projects
• Large storage capacity for improved media management
• Optimal memory for faster loading of larger assets
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