The Dell Precision Decision

The switch is on.

What’s the buzz from creative professionals switching from Apple to Dell Precision™ workstations with NVIDIA GPUs? Smoother post-production workflow. Optimized for professional applications. Sheer processing power. It’s all about the tools it takes to grow and energize a business. Hear from the many video pros making the switch.

Shop some of our most popular systems for creative professionals including the tower and mobile solutions used for Linkin Park’s video, A Light That Never Comes. For the full lineup of Dell Precision workstations visit dell.com/precision.

High-end Video/Feature Film Professional
You need speed and expandability for complicated edits and effects as well as long-format and high-resolution projects.

Broadcast Professional
You’re a video broadcast professional who needs fast turnaround times to meet demanding deadlines. High-end spots with GPU-intensive effects? Your team does it all day long.
Dell Precision T5600Dell Precision M6800
Tower Solution
Dell Precision T5610 workstation
• Highly scalable workstation
• High-end NVIDIA® Quadro® GPU
• Next Gen Intel® Xeon® processors
• 16GB 1866MHz Memory
Mobile Solution
Dell Precision M6800 workstation
• Powerful 17-inch mobile workstation
• New high-end NVIDIA® Quadro® GPU
• Same system used for Linkin Park video
• 4th Gen multi-core Intel® Core™ i7 processor
• 16GB 1600MHz Memory
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Event Videographer
You’re a working videographer, and you’re all about fast-turnaround, fixed-price, long-format productions. That’s why you insist on the most processing power for your equipment investment.
Dell Precision M4700
Mobile Solution
Dell Precision M4800 workstation
• 15-inch mobile workstation
• New mid-range NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics
• 8GB 1600MHz Memory
• 4th Gen Intel® CoreTM i7 processor
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Principled TechnologiesPrincipled Technologies

Dell Precision mobile workstations outperformed Apple® Mac® Pro systems on video production tasks.
While each pair of systems was priced comparably, the Dell systems accomplished the tasks in a fraction of the time it took the Apple systems, with time savings of up to 97.5 percent.
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Principled TechnologiesPrincipled Technologies

Render faster. Create more.
Dell Precision T7600 workstation with NVIDIA Quadro graphics tested against Apple Mac Pro to determine the relative speed at which they could perform a variety of video-rendering tasks.
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Digital artsDigital Arts

“Across the line you'll find new chips, faster RAM and a laptop screen that puts the MacBook Pro's Retina Display to shame. Dell has rolled out new desktop and mobile workstations to give its Precision line a complete overhaul.”
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Extreme Windows logoExtreme Windows Blog

“Creative and design professionals that work on the go will want to check out the new Dell Precision mobile workstations that expand on the features and performance of previous systems.”
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“On Ubergizmo, what we like are workstation with specs that make people "dream"! :) Good job.”
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