Windows Server Migration

Now's the perfect time to migrate your server.
Fast, flexible, future ready—Dell migration
solutions for Windows Server 2003

The countdown has begun. Extended support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 ends July 14, 2015.

Take this opportunity and migrate your IT infrastructure to modernize your business with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2. Get the latest innovations in future-ready technology when you trust your transformation to
Dell migration solutions for Windows Server 2003. Read more on how to be sure you're ready.

Maximize readiness, minimize impact
Unsupported after July 14 2015, Windows Server 2003 will no longer adhere to security and compliance requirements – such as payment card industry (PCI) transaction processing – and potentially exposes your business to undue risk. Prepare now with Dell migration solutions that provide:

• Automated and self-help tools
• Open standards-based devices from the server
   to the client
• Services, consulting, planning, training, and financing

Maximize readiness, minimize impact

Trusted, proven, reliable services that accelerate your migration

Trusted, proven, reliable services that accelerate your migration

Ensure your migration goes smoothly when you
partner with Dell, the reliable industry leader in
customer satisfaction for IT service and support,
x86-based servers, and worldwide Microsoft
Windows deployments.

Whether you are a DIY organization, or need
professional planning and consultation, Dell
provides assets, tools, software and support-
as much or as little as you need. World-class
Dell service experts deliver the help you need
at every point along the way with:

• Consulting, planning and design
• Application compatibility and compliance testing
• Remediation, packaging and deployment automation

Modernize and refresh servers

Increase productivity with the latest
technology enhancements in the
Dell PowerEdge server portfolio.
Featuring a broad choice of powerful and
efficient systems, you can migrate and
scale server capacity with the Dell platform.
Engineered for the smallest business
to the largest data centers, PowerEdge
servers deliver the latest advances in:
Modernize and refresh servers
• Consolidation, virtualization, convergence and hypervisor technology
• Agent-free, simplified, advanced management capabilities
• Open technology architecture for choice, control and flexibility

Dell migration software simplifies and reduces the complexity of your first critical steps – migrating
key foundational services like Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP – with minimal disruptions using
Dell software and ZeroIMPACT tools.

Keep your migration and IT modernization affordable with flexible IT-financing options from
Dell Financial Services.

Join the thousands of professionals who rely on the Dell and Microsoft partnership for best-in-class solutions.

Contact us now and transform your business with the confidence of Dell migration solutions for Windows 2003.