Free the Cloud with Dell Crowbar

Streamline configuration, deployment and use of your hardware in the cloud

Deploying an open-source cloud can be a challenge. The right components can help you do the job. Imagine if you could:
  • Move hardware online and install and configure applications quickly and efficiently
  • Install an operating system without having to wait for datacenter personnel to rack and configure servers
  • Recover service quickly after a hardware failure
  • Install and configure applications and operating systems once and only once

If these issues are important to you, Dell Crowbar can help. Dell Crowbar is a complete automated operations platform based on the Crowbar Open Source Project. It brings industrial processes to your IT operations, where the input is bare-metal hardware and the output is usable applications.

With Dell Crowbar, you can discover and configure hardware (BIOS and RAID) and deploy as well as configure operating systems and applications. And you can do all of this in a repeatable manner at a fraction of the usual time required.
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Maximize Hardware ROIRequires minimal hardware setup (rack and stack), then automatically discovers and readies hardware for further provisioning.
Easily Perform Standard MaintenanceAllows you to easily leverage all the latest BIOS and RAID releases and makes it easy and fast to apply them across all your hardware.
Save TimeFrees you from performing manual network configuration and server setups with a simple, repeatable and highly automated process. Enables you to stand up a system from bare metal to operational in a fraction of the usual time.
Recover QuicklyCreates templates of your server configurations so they’re easy to recover and rebuild, enabling you to get up and running quickly and reliably.
Open and FlexibleIs built on open-source technologies, avoiding proprietary lock-in and giving you the flexibility to make changes as needed.
Leverage a vast EcosystemConnects you to the Dell Crowbar ecosystem with access to experts, the barclamp library and other code, and quick, effective support.

Crowbar resources

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    The Crowbar Project is an effort to build a complete, easy to use operational platform for everyone. It allows for any number of physical nodes to be moved from bare-metal to production cluster within hours.

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