What Should I Buy?
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Desktop, laptop, tablet or something in between?

The reality  

The sheer number of technologies available to small businesses can be overwhelming.

Even if you have dedicated IT staff, choosing the right mix of products impacts productivity and influences your bottom line.

Technology is the biggest expense faced by small and midsize businesses. You need technology that can handle the operations and keep employees running at full throttle.

 How do you decide what your team needs? Where do you start?

Options, options, options. . .

 It’s no longer necessary to find a single, one-size-fits-all solution.

 Most workers are relatively savvy and technology is increasingly affordable, which gives you many options.

 There are several computer categories:


  • Desktop PCs
  • Desktop-replacement laptops
  • Thin and light laptops
  • Netbooks


 Based on employee work patterns, your business might require a combination of the above devices. A few good questions to consider when purchasing are: 

  • Do my employees need both a desktop and a tablet or just a laptop?
  • Are there occasions when just a tablet is enough?
  • Will we even need a desktop?


 Basic Productivity
These professionals need a computer that allows them to do basic duties such as send emails, browse the Web, and create documents using Microsoft® Office. A desktop, such as the Dell Vostro™ line with 2–4GB of RAM and a dual-core processor will do the trick.

Although more expensive, the Vostro family of laptops provides portability should your employee not be chained to a desk all day.

Road Warrior
Meeting customers in person is sometimes better than a conference call. Road warriors have a few options:


  • For basic productivity, rugged netbooks such as the Latitude™ 2120 or the tablet/netbook hybrid Inspiron™ duo and Latitude 6400 XFRs are good choices.

  • Mobile employees that need more speed and memory can look to the affordable, ultralight Vostro V131 or the snappy Vostro 3350 with the latest generation Intel® Core™ processors.

  • The Latitude line is lightweight and offers options such as antiglare screens, quad-core processors, and advanced service and support.

  • Another option would be using a powerful desktop computer in the office but staying connected with a Streak smartphone when on the road. The Streak 7 provides long battery life, access to documents, and easy email and social media interfaces.


Power User
Engineers, designers, executives and marketing pros who need fast processors, advanced graphics, and high-resolution displays fall into the power-user category.

Several Dell solutions can fill the bill:


  • If mobility isn’t required, a Dell OptiPlex™ desktop is the most cost-effective way to get the horsepower you need.

  • If you travel or telecommute an inexpensive netbook or laptop from Dell Vostro or Inspiron lines is a good choice.
  • When both power and portability are a must check out:
    • Inspiron family for high value and high performance.
    • Inspiron XPS for the highest performance available.
    • Latitude family of laptops with advanced support options and maximum manageability for businesses with in-house IT staff.


Now what?
Dell understands how complex and varied businesses can be, which is why we strive to address your unique need — fill every niche, meet every need and address every vertical. We offer solutions for mobile power users and basic desktops for office productivity — across a range of price points and options — allowing everyone to reach peak productivity.

How simple.


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