Converged Infrastructure

Tailor IT to meet application demands with integrated systems.

Integrated systems converge servers, storage, networking and management into solutions designed to reduce costs, automate operations and better tailor infrastructure to workloads and applications. Not all solutions are the same. Get an in-depth look at converged infrastructure solutions in this Ovum white paper.

Dell offers the most workload-optimized portfolio of integrated systems, designed to scale traditional and modern applications with common, standards-based architecture and management. From reference architectures to appliances to data center infrastructure — harness the power of new integrated systems from Dell.

PowerEdge FX. A workload-defined infrastructure, converged.                     

PowerEdge FX                                                              Engineered for both modern and 

                                                              legacy workloads, 

                                                              Dell PowerEdge FX architecture lets 

                                                              you precisely tailor, quickly deploy 

                                                              and easily manage your infrastructure.


                                                              With compute, storage and I/O 

                                                              modules in just 2U of rack space 

                                                              and 50% more available server-side 

                                                              storage*, you can build a software-

                                                              defined converged infrastructure that 

                                                              scales quickly and easily.

Solve for virtually any workload with PowerEdge FX. Utilizing the most processing power per rack in the industry, you can provide highly-available web services or dedicated hosting, run private clouds or highly-virtualized environments.

Watch the video to learn more about the PowerEdge FX platform.

PowerEdge VRTX. Data center performance at your desk side.

The first integrated solution designed    PowerEdge VRTX 

specifically  for remote and small

offices, PowerEdge VRTX uses 75%

less floor space* than legacy solutions

and integrates servers, storage,

networking and management into a

single, compact chassis.

Deploy VRTX in up to four server nodes

with high-capacity, low-latency shared

storage and get a geographic view of

multiple locations through the unified,

full-featured management console.

With a 26% lower TCO* compared to tower servers and external storage, and up to 65% better performance*, PowerEdge VRTX delivers critical applications better, right where they are needed.

Read why PowerEdge VRTX was named 2014 Technology of the Year by InfoWorld.

Dell M1000e blade enclosure. Outstanding efficiency and performance.

PowerEdge M1000e                                                             The PowerEdge M1000e is a 

                                                             breakthrough in enterprise server 

                                                             architecture that reduces the cost 

                                                             and complexity of blade deployment

                                                             and management in enterprise data


                                                             Incorporating the latest advances in 

                                                             power,cooling, I/O, and management 

                                                             technologies into a highly available

                                                             dense package, the  M1000e supports 

                                                             full- and half-height blade and achieves

                                                             60% greater density than 1U rack


The M1000e offers excellent price/performance, making it a great virtualization platform. Designed to be flexible and scalable, it supports future generations of blade technologies while delivering outstanding efficiency and value.

Read the Dell Technical Guide Book on the scalable M1000e blade enclosure.

Dell Engineered Solutions & Appliances. Applications in minutes, not months.

Dell Engineered Solutions offer a faster     Dell Engineered Solutions & Appliances. Applications in minutes, not months.

and easier way to get applications up and   

running while accelerating performance

and simplifying management.

For example, with the Dell XC series of

Web-scale converged appliances,

powered by Nutanix software, a software-

defined datacenter can be built in less than

15 minutes.

We worked closely with our application partners to optimize, certify and support an open and interoperable ecosystem of solutions ensuring you have a flexible infrastructure. With pre-integrated industry-leading databases, applications, hypervisors and operating systems, Dell Engineered Solutions give you one reliable source for support and services worldwide.

Learn more about our portfolio of workload solutions.


Active System Manager. Deliver high demand IT services faster, easier.

Active System Manager                                                             Active System Manager (ASM) is

                                                             a comprehensive infrastructure and 

                                                             workload automation solution that 

                                                             unifies, simplifies and speeds the 

                                                             management of both existing and 

                                                             future IT resources.

                                                             Manage Dell and non-Dell resources

                                                             in heterogeneous IT environments

                                                             with end-to-end automation that 

                                                             instantly discovers and configures 

                                                             entire application environments for 

                                                             virtualization, private cloud and more.

Easily manage workloads, service levels and policies with point-and click-wizards instead of individual data center components, consoles and tasks.

Read our latest Active Systems Manager customer case study or watch the video.

*Based on October 2014 Dell analysis comparing the aggregate SPECint processing capability of Dell’s FX2 with Dell’s M1000e with Intel E5-2600v3 processors supported in a standard EIA server rack.

** Based on October 2014 Dell internal analysis of Dell’s FX2 and HP’s SL2500 comparing the maximum capacity of 1.8” and 2.5” form factor server-side storage supported by each platform.

***Based on October 2014 Dell analysis of Dell’s FX2 and Cisco’s C-Series rack servers comparing the number of networking cables required per server.

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