Flash storage

Dell is leading the flash revolution

Dell is one of the fastest-growing providers of hybrid solid-state drive (SSD) storage.* Why? Our enterprise array innovations have redefined storage economics and put flash benefits — tripled transaction speeds, up to 90 percent lower latency and decreased data center footprints* — within reach for most organizations. 

Dell is leading the flash revolution Any flash array can run fast, but modern workloads need more than just pure speed. That’s why we approach flash differently than others. Dell pioneered auto-tiering with its "lowest stress" technology. Now, we’ve flash-optimized all aspects of our intelligent data placement capabilities to create full-featured enterprise-class solutions that provide a winning combination of top performance, cost-savings and application-centric features.

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Flash is more economical than you might think

Data-Intensive Workloads in Smaller Environments video Starting at just $25 thousand, our all-flash arrays (AFA) are the most affordable on the market.* And, Dell’s hybrid arrays intelligently prioritize performance-hungry hot data to flash and colder data to spinning disk, resulting in up to 10 times the cost savings.* With IDC predicting the hybrid market to be nearly 10 times the all-flash market,* it’s no wonder your peers picked Dell as the #1 flash provider.*

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What’s different about our flash storage?

Dell Compellent SC8000 video It’s not just our pricing. We developed the first enterprise array to auto-tier data across SLC and MLC flash with software that dynamically provisions and reoptimizes RAID levels across all drives. This innovative distribution allows us to deliver enterprise-class performance and sub-millisecond latency with fewer tier 1 drives. It’s one of the reasons our SC4020, for example, is the highest-performing array under $75 thousand.*

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Optimize your investment with the lowest flash TCO

Samitivej Hospital videoTop performance for a lower price adds up to a dramatic return on your investment. The total cost of ownership for our SC4020, for example, is up to 54 percent less than competitors.* StorageReview.com recently wrote that our SC4020 "packs the punch of a much more expensive array." No matter the size of your environment or workload need, Dell has a flash solution that can increase your data center efficiency.

Watch how Samitivej Hospital provides optimal healthcare using Dell flash.

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